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SquiggyMcPepe 101 points ago +102 / -1

No getting off the ride in the middle. We are strapped in to the bitter end.

zathras11 61 points ago +63 / -2

This didn't just start, it's been over 5 years of this Bizarro World nonsense, since Trump announced June 19, 2015. And that entire time Democrats have worked daily to replace us with low IQ consistently leftist voters. I saw a video about 7000 illegal aliens waiting at one border spot to be let in, and you can check it out in crawler link top of page at Whatfinger News. And that is on top of the over 120,000 Afghani's Biden flew here! Like all good terrorists Democrats hit us in multiple spots so we don't know which one to deal with first (my suggestion is to prove the 2020 election was fraudulent).

Winning_Bigly 50 points ago +50 / -0

I’d say it started well before 2015. I think the media worship of Obama is when clown world really started accelerating. Virtually no coverage of any of his scandals, while claiming it a scandal free presidency. The blatant weaponization of government agencies. The lies being to told to Congress by top administration officials. Spying on reporters, while also claiming to be the most transparent administration in history. Trump just blew the lid off from it all. Honestly, how many people really thought that Trump’s claim in December 2016 that Trump Tower was wiretapped was an overstatement of fact at the time?