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I do Uber eats for side money when I'm bored. I've never had a single problem at any restaurant picking up food with no mask on for the past 7 months no employees give a shit. I goto pickup a order at Local Foods as it was being handed to me the manager grabs the bag and asks where my mask was. I look at him like he's retarded and say my bad I left it in my car my bad(just to get the order) He starts going off about ubers policy stating I need to wear a mask at all time while delivering food and Im not about to go back to my car to grab one just to look like a bitch. At this point I've canceled the order and go off on him to the point he looks like he wants to swing on me and I walk off telling him I woulda left 5 minutes ago if you handed me the order you minimum wage cuck enjoy your night. Felt great to finally run into one of these power hungry assholes in person

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Except he did. And he got the shot.

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No need to downvote. It’s the truth.