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AgeOfAquarius2023 24 points ago +27 / -3

As a Georgian here who spent most of his life in the state, I would like to apologize on behalf of Georgia because of how cucked it has become. While I don't see it as a blue state, it has certainly been leaning that way due to the film industry from California pouring in, libcuck yankees coming down, and the jogger population being a lot more militant than Alabama and other neighboring southern states. Something is really going on in Georgia culturally, it is almost unrecognizable from other southern states.

Atlanta is arguably the gayest city in the nation, Athens is practically hipster heaven full of Bernie bros, and the Republicans we do have are a bunch of RINOs like Kemp. The "Republicans" in the state lose their heads the second you say a cuss word and still pride themselves on being the classy goody two shoe types which is why you get more RINOs there than other states.

For anyone who lives in the major cities or even small cities in the state (Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta mainly), you will see how cucked it has become overtime. Culturally, I can't describe it in words alone, there is something really off about Georgia. You can never really trust a lot of the people there and things are more tense than they are in TN, SC, FL, and other southern states. Even when you compare the Bulldogs to other SEC schools when visiting, you get a vibe that is culturally off and different. Notice how Bama fans and A&M fans were making fun of Potato? Well, not so much Georgia fans.

What I am trying to say is that Georgia is starting to slip away in a big way culturally. My fear is that these same film liberals, militant joggers from the north and liberal areas, liberals in general, and self-righteous yankees who ruined the state of Georgia are just getting started. I can guarantee that their eyes are set on Florida next.

I hope Trump pulls through but Georgia is starting to slip away culturally.

GaTechGrad 5 points ago +5 / -0

I grew up in a small rural town outside of Atlanta. I could see what was happening, and got the hell out after I finished my degree almost two decades ago. I think there are still a lot of good people in Georgia, but the corruption in Atlanta really drowns everything else out.