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NICKI MINAJ .. Queen, Princess, Warrior, Hero, Brave, Leader, Fearless, Based etc. etc etc..

Post after post singing Nicki Minaj praise that it's getting beyond level stupid and reaching level puke.

She is NONE OF THE ABOVE 👆 .. She hates TRUMP ✅ She voted for Biden✅ She supports BLM✅ She supports LGBTQ propaganda ✅ She's not a role model for girls✅ She lives, breaths and swims in the Hollywood liberal cesspool ✅

She is just another liberal hollyweird cunt , who got her panties bunched up for some reason and venting her frustration on media . That will change overnight in a day or a week and she will go back to the bosom of leftist filth and democrat debauchery.

For god's sake don't make a fool of yourselves and put lipstick on a pig. IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING TO SEE SUCH HYPER DROOL POSTS ON ''PATRIOTS.WIN''. Just keep her within her limitations.

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Go worship her on Twitter or Reddit. Don't make Patriots.win look like a juvenile circle jerk off 🤮

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Fuck off. Been here since Reddit days. You to spew your shit elsewhere. In case you haven’t noticed we’re losing the culture war and we need all the help we can get

Seems_legit83 3 points ago +5 / -2

Apparently you can’t see her worth. Not my fault you’re an idiot. I’ve been here since 2016 on Reddit. So try harder to tell me I’m wrong