I paid off my wifes studen loans...then she LEFT ME! (media.patriots.win)             REEEEEEE! 
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She would rather spend more time raising a big family than at work. Not everyone values work to some woman spending time with their family is still more important but even if she wanted to get a better paid job I wish her the best of luck because in the end the money we both earn will go towards a better future for our children. Divorce itself is shameful and to divorcing someone over money is just disgraceful. It doesn’t even make sense to break up your own family because you are now earning a little more. I could always earn the money back but she would have to live with the shame of breaking up her family and our children now being brought up in a broken family just because she wanted a little more money. Not all woman are like that man just find yourself a decent one that still has some traditional values