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Klown_Schwab 2 points ago +2 / -0

Also don't cave in to government bullying.

Personally I'm planning on selling my apartment and living out of a camper van if necessary.

Also you never know. Remember that post a couple days ago about the nurse who caved in and took the shots for her job, only to find out a couple weeks later the hospital backed down on their mandatory vax policy?

Maybe next month or next year some irrefutable proof of corruption and the deadly effects of the vax will break through the MSM filters and normies will get up in arms.

Take it day by day and hold on to hope.

I'm not religious but Christianity is looking more appealing these days. This is a metaphysical evil that's bigger than us. Evil is real in this world and it's swallowing the planet. Maybe the only salvation we can hope for is from God in the afterlife.