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So, a family friend of mine was forced by her employer to either get the jab or gtfo. She has kids to provide for, so she took it on Friday. Well, it's now Sunday night and she has been incredibly sick ever since. Fever, chills, body ache, head ache, nausea, just to name some of the symptoms.

And this was just her FIRST shot. The second shot seems to always be worse.

I had already made up my mind that I was never getting jabbed, for any reason, but this just further confirms that I've made the right choice. What is the point of a "vaccine" that makes you so sick you have to take 1-2 weeks off of work anyway? And then you aren't even guaranteed any kind of immunity, just "symptom reduction".

Please learn from my friend. Don't give in, no matter what.

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Oh no doubt, I don't see her in person often anyway, but I'm definitely social distancing with her now hahaha