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paulryan123 -33 points ago +9 / -42

fuck the Q-tard LARPers like wendy rogers, sydney powell, and lindell

they claim to have 'evidence' and never fucking release any of it in a timely manner. it's always grifting for donations, and saying '2 more weeks' but nothing EVER happens except the goalposts being shifted once again. these larpers should shit or GET OFF THE POT!

we're A YEAR away from the 2020 election and don't even have a single fucking report of an audit of one of the counties in ONE swing state, let alone anything resembling arrests or criminal action.


saltyviewer123 10 points ago +10 / -0

It's not two weeks anymore. Something was scheduled to come out this Friday 24th before the CCP invasion of Taiwan on the 25th.

TruthSmash 4 points ago +5 / -1

I used to be in the business. Nothing classified here.

The Island of TAIWAN is a complete ARMED FORTRESS. They are dug in so deep it will take... A LOT for China to actually invade it. China may win eventually, but remember we are in a new era of warfare. When hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers are dead, even the Censorious Press won't be able to cover up the atrocities the CCP will commit to eventually win.

Doubtful? Notice the CCP are NOT slaughtering people in the streets of Hong Kong like the old CCP would. They now want Winnie The Pooh to be Loved by Everyone.

Falling_ferret 2 points ago +2 / -0

New era of warfare...the weapons are new, but men's hearts aren't.

The same hate and evil that lead to the mass death of trench warfare in WWI are still alive and well today.

Our leaders don't and never did care about anyone but themselves. I'm not saying China will invade, but to say it will never happen because of the publicity? Nah.

They don't care about the publicity, they care that the population is properly rilled up to think that the mass death is heroic and not a wonton waste on another avoidable war.

If anything, it's not that people are softer than ever and less prone to war. It's that they're more naive than ever and are more predisposed to war because they think they're better than getting rilled onto another war.

The only way to prevent the war that's coming is through forgiveness, humility and the just side down right making everyone who is full of hate scared to leave their own home.

The US used to project morality and strength. We now are filled with evil and weakness. I don't think we've been so close to WWIII in a very, very long time. Unless Q wasn't a larp.