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• Be vigilant, people will seek to use the government for selfish ends.

• Avoid overgrown military establishments; they are hostile to liberty.

• Prevent all obstructions to the execution of the laws.

• Control bureaucracies; make sure they all work together.

• Avoid political parties; they will cause divisive factions and unscrupulous men will use them to undermine the government.

• Give allegiance to the Constitution; improve it as necessary.

• Do not alter the Constitution lightly, or based on hypothesis; apply the experience applied when it was created.

• Be suspicious of administrators; they may serve themselves rather than the people.

• Watch for consolidation of power in any department of government.

• Preserve existing checks and balances and add more where power needs to be checked.

• Religion and morality are essential to create the virtue necessary to preserve the union.

• Promote widespread education; democracy requires literate citizens that understand the system of governance and take responsibility for themselves.

• Avoid debt; and immediately discharge any debt created by war.

• Taxes are unpleasant; government spending should be candidly conducted.

• Cultivate peace and justice toward all nations.

• Avoid alliances and maintain neutrality among nations.

• Avoid dependency; a weak state that allies with a stronger state will become its servant.

• Real patriots will resist intrigues, while dupes will surrender to interests.

• In trade, give no nation a favored nation status.

• Be guided by principles, not interests.

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Tyscribz 2 points ago +2 / -0

it's the 20th today, but I get what your saying

Antenna [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

You are so right. Bless you.