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Anecdotal report here:

I browse LinkedIn for professional reasons and see a bunch of bullshit regularly. I’d estimate that maybe 80% of comments about the vaccines has been pro vax.

Well with today’s news article about Pfizer claiming the jab is safe for kids, it’s flipped. 80% of the comments are against the vax and people are dropping truth bombs and getting upvoted.

Hopefully we are shifting back into the realm of sanity.

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People were willing to get jabbed in order to get the world back in order. As long as side effects are negligible and person risk therefore low, at least we had an excuse to get over this. Something to replace masks as a talisman to ward off the fear.

But talk about jabbing kids? Shit changes REALLY fast. We are all willing to take risks on ourselves if it means sparing our children; shit, my own mom told me one of the only reasons for getting the vaxx (other than keeping my sister in law from forbidding her from seeing her grandkids) was to make sure I was safe if I had to take it. And I’m 35!

Shinydenim 6 points ago +6 / -0

The average normie has no shame. Share your research and they rebuff you based on the sum total of the zero they have done themselves. When they can’t change the topic quickly enough, they resort to, “let’s just agree to disagree.”

To which I usually say that I can’t agree to that bc they don’t actually disagree, and bc that would require being to provide a valid reason as their point of distinction from my specific examples.