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My little sister has been going through IVF and is finally prego 🥰 Her evil gynecologist keeps trying to push the jab on her telling her that if she gets sick she could be hospitalized.

I red pilled her last night….

She is now against it. Fuck you Fauci 🖕🏻

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No, he didn’t. Not according to the New England Medical Journal who backtracked completely a few days ago. It’s not safe for pregnant women and yes they did find that 82% of pregnancies where the vaccine was given did result in miscarriage. The risk is just to high. In this case his sister has been through IVF, she shouldn’t be a candidate for this shot.

As a woman I have beyond sickened that anyone is suggesting that this is ok. I have been from the start. Quite frankly I feel that any Dr. who recommends this where a miscarriage occurs should be charged. In addition we have no idea how this will affect the baby in-vitro. They’ll only just be starting to arrive about now.

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My sister miscarried within the first 12 weeks. Unexpected pregnancy following the jab.

I tried to red pill her too but it didn’t take. I predicted that she would eventually take the jab and refrain from telling me, and it sucks that her husband works for Johns Hopkins in an animal ethics advisory board but pushed the family down this path.

I have a feeling she’s going to vaxx her 9 year old son as soon as she can