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Because he had no social security number, the state I lived in made it absolute hell in the legal system because he wasn’t an American citizen. They couldn’t look up his ID to get an identity. The time it took to ID him gave him time to run. He did in fact run and now is somewhere in the US with a new identity. Every time someone talks about the border crisis I feel rage. Fuck anyone who thinks the border crisis isn’t a big deal. It is a big deal to those of us who should have never been in subjected to illegal crimes - like me. It should be a big deal for many other reasons as well. I am not a victim. I am someone that spits fire when anyone dares to say a word about open borders.

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I got hit by an underage illegal alien who was driving a CDL required vehicle (electric utility truck w/ cherrypicker) which he didn't have. He ran from the scene and I was so pissed I ran him off the road and blocked him in a ditch while I called the cops. The cops showed up quickly and found out he only spoke Portuguese and they were having trouble speaking with him. They were both charged with underage driving with no license, no CDL, no green card, no insurance. I got fucked and had to deal with the damage with my own insurance. It eventually went to court and the city had video evidence as it occurred in a busy intersection with cameras. They actually got orders to be deported.

I felt sort of bad, but fuck them.

And for the record, I got in no trouble for running them off the road. It was determined to be a "citizens arrest" and I didn't get any shit for it. They took my info down, heard my side of the story, literally told me "attaboy" lol, and then told me to leave the scene.

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Why the fuck would you feel bad for them? They wrecked your car, could have killed someone and they basically got off free. They were probably back in the country in a few days.

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Just make sure you get away with it.