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I have a friend who lives off grid at the moment, I'll call him Roy. He was a Marine, adventurous, good spirited, hard worker and due to his military experience, does not trust. His dad owns around 1500 acres of farmland which Roy will inherit and farm himself. His dad placed that land in some type of Federal or State conservatorship. I do not know what kind of compensation his dad receives for this contract,nor does Roy. He is very angry, thinking his dad was tricked, so Roy is trying to deal with how he feels about what his dad did without consulting him. His dad has a will in which the land will go to Roy, but, well, who knows how that will turn out.

Roy says he is currently preparing for what is about to happen globally. He thinks our way of life will stop as we know it and America is ill prepared. He thinks most all the good seeds have been removed from society and replaced with GMO seeds. He thinks:

Electricity will be selectively shut down (whatever that means) Internet blacked out and or censored Food and Fuel shortages Military and police will be nationalized He also thinks there is a secret foreign Mil base already operational in the US Paper money will become digital And over night, all these things will happen. He said the Psychopathic elite will never ever stop when they are 10 yards from the goal line.

He seems so convincing, that is until I pack up and return to my suburb. I live in a Red State, so everything is pretty normal. We just don't participate with the Vaccine madness. Schools are in session, no masks, everyone works, nothing is closed. Our food and gas are much higher than last year, but other than that, I can't complain.

I hear and read about the parasitic class, I know we have open borders, I know Biden is just a front for the third Obama term and blue states are shut down and suffering. I believe 85 - 100M of our votes were stolen in 2020 and the AZ audit is due Friday. I know Durham has made his indictment, but don't believe anything will come of it. He is from the same establishment and he is not going to bring it down.

However, lately, I have a real uneasy feeling. A feeling of ........................ I don't know how to describe it. Maybe some things Roy has said are beginning to resonate with me. I know Anons don't have a crystal ball, but some of you are really good. Maybe I am anxious due to this 3.5 Trillion bill they are trying to pass. Any opinions?

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Make sure you have supplies medicines water food generator etc for at least 2 months! I think something crazy is going to happen but I believe it will be short lived since the demons are now in the minority! I do however believe the vaxed are fucked either way n will all be dead within 10 years!