Nazis are real! (media.patriots.win)
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They've always been real since the dawn of time. What ultimately matters is who they are using the authority to benefit. This is the difference between a good and bad leader. Our leaders don't benefit the people.

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I don't say Nazi or Authoritarian anymore. I say "Nazi-level authoritarians" or "Nazi-like authoritarians"

The average person has no idea what a National Socialist was. The average person imagines a Nazi as almost ludicrously comically evil, like a nation of mustache twirling villains.

They are unaware of the banality of evil. They are unaware that the majority of the population of Germany simply "followed the science" - after all the Universities had 'proven' the Jews were an inferior race, and the medical establishment had declared that they were carriers of typhus, and spreading it everywhere. To the average, indoctrinated German, it was just "the science", proven fact. They had a Narrative about the Jews which allowed the Government to do anything it wanted. It's almost bizarre to think of it this way - but the average German citizen was so indoctrinated and so stupid that they didn't even know the Holocaust was going on. The people outside the camps mostly knew from the ash from the camps, or the constant stream of incoming people but no one leaving. But the average person in Berlin? They had basically no idea - they BELIEVED the lies, so they believed that they were just moving Jews out of Germany for good reason - not taking them to concentration camps to kill them.

Today, the same kind of person believes there are basically no vaccine side effects of serious nature, a tiny if non-existent number. They believe "the science" on Covid, they believe all the gender stuff, they believe it all. They idea that they're totally wrong is incomprehensible to them. They're every bit as authoritarian as the average indoctrinated German citizen was, just a different ideology that's just as bad. It's getting really bad and at this point I feel the only saving grace is alt-tech allowing us to keep pointing things out even if 90% of it gets ignored.

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We need to call them commies, Stalinists, Marxists, Maoists etc. more. Liberals greatest success was getting Nazism to be the sole ideology of totalitarianism and it's no wonder why people fall for communism now, not Nazism, that and the fact communism has much better marketing in the first place as far its bs goes.

Hitler comes in a mere fourth place in killcount after Mao (his own countrymen), Genghis Khan (everybody) and Stalin (again, own countrymen). Most of the other top slots are either other warlords or other commies, by far and large. The worst that comes to mind as an argument vs colonialism and the west is Leopold II, but other than that the lineup's all warlords and communism, with the odd fascist dictator sprinkled in.

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People tend to forget that Nazism is basically just Communism for the State, thus "National Socialism" - the Commies didn't like it because they're all "Workers of the world unite!" vs. Nazi's version which was essentially "Workers of the state unite!"

People simply can't get over the "If we all work together and sing kumbaya it'll all work as long as we put some smart people with degrees in charge!" That's simply not how it works because PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. You can't FORCE them all the be the same it just will not work. Or rather, it doesn't work very well to the point it's responsible for the most atrocities among humanity. North Korea IS a Socialist paradise. That's what happens when you take it to it's natural conclusion.

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A 4channer created a fake website to turn in the names of your unvaccinated friends and family for a chance to win $2500 and people got PISSED - because they wanted it to be real and were ready to type in names. 🤡

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Got some screenshots for me?

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You can find it by searching images for “Anonymous Unvaccinated Reporting System” .The website has been taken down. In early August, my college age kid was seeing tik tok-ers getting mad that it was fake and they wouldn’t get money. 4chan was posting about it, but I just discovered, turns out it was created by a Republican Candidate in California opposing Newsom as a statement against his lockdown tactics. Pretty scary that so many people jumped on it - but not surprising as Mark Dice made a YT video where he went to the streets asking people to sign a petition to put the unvaccinated in jail and WAY too many people wanted to sign it.

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Rigid conformity to an agenda. Violent opposition to all other agendas. Elimination of individual identity. Censorship of dissident ideas. Destruction of dissident literature and culture. Deployment of paramilitary thugs.

Today's liberals are, in fact, doing everything the Nazis were doing eighty years ago.

(and, side note, it ended very badly for them........)

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If you didn't know why the 2nd amendment exists, now you do.

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lol zuby was on tucker

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BuT he"S a WHitE nATioNaLIsT!!


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Yep. Keep your guns close.

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In a deep conversation with a close liberal friend, she is totally fine if I can't shop because of my vax choice. It hurts. Working on new friends.

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"Fellow citizens," hell family members.

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Dr Milgram, paging Dr Milgram