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Seems like it could be what we’ve all been waiting for. GA.win is having a tendie party.

Some will probably say “Nothing will happen even if fraud is proven”... I hear you. The federal government probably won’t do shit.

However, I think 75 million disenfranchised voters who are watching their country go to shit... just might... maybe even some who voted for Biden and can no longer take the fullblown nazi takeover.

Alarm clock sounds

**Edit: There is a lot of news flying around about a draft being leaked and that there will be no big news. Check AZ Senator Wendy Rogers’ telegram, and save the dooming for after the official report.

There will be some form of consequential disclosure tomorrow, keep your mind and eyes OPEN, pedes.**

LINK for 4PM EDT tomorrow: https://www.azleg.gov/videoplayer/?clientID=6361162879&eventID=2021091005

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It's heartbreaking. Not what we believed it would be.

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AZ Senator Wendy Rogers disagrees... she just put out a statement on telegram following these (incomplete) drafts circulating in the media

She says she just spoke to Doug (head of CN) and tomorrow will indeed be consequential.

Eyes and mind open. Keep emotions regulated.

Frosty always.

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