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Deplorable92 20 points ago +21 / -1

From Fann to the AG:

"The auditor’s final hand count—which quadruple-checked every single one of the 2.1 million ballots—matches Maricopa County’s official machine count. This is the most important and encouraging finding of the audit. The paper ballots in Maricopa County are the best evidence of voter intent because they are under 24-hour video surveillance and physical security, and there is no reliable evidence that they were altered to any material degree. This finding therefore addresses the sharpest concerns about the integrity of the certified results in the 2020 general election."

So apparently, the 30k+ DUPLICATE ballots don't matter in an election that was won by 10k votes?! Fann thinks the 2020 results are justified because the recount totals match Maricopas. Horseshit.

www.azsenaterepublicans.com for details

chillerspoon 26 points ago +26 / -0

The duplicate votes are a big fat red herring - this is not where Maricopa County's vote was stolen. The 25% of duplicate votes after election day would indicate edge software errors, leading to double envelopes - Trump needs to stay away from this. I guarantee if the duplicate votes are opened and counted they will split fairly evenly if not even more will break for Trump lowering his vote further.

EDIT: Supposedly of duplicate envelopes matched to a paper ballot they did indeed break in favor of Trump, not where the steal happened period.

The steal happened in ADJUDICATION and this is why all the logs were cleared the day before the audit began. ~12% of the vote was adjudicated and ~12% of the ballot images on the EMS were CORRUPTED and unable to be linked to a paper ballot. You have over 250,000 paper ballots that do not have matching ballot images - this is where the steal was, all machines tied to the election should have been seized the second the vote count ended, it's going to be very hard to prove the steal now without an insider - and you only need a small team to pull a steal through adjudication off, especially when remote access was enabled. (team of 4 could have done this easily)

EDIT: https://c692f527-da75-4c86-b5d1-8b3d5d4d5b43.filesusr.com/ugd/2f3470_d36cb5eaca56435d84171b4fe7ee6919.pdf Page 70; 263,139 corrupt ballot images, all after November 1st and they determine NONE of these went through "official" adjudication....likely because it was all done remotely. It's pretty clear this was an intentional process but good luck proving it.

GBA4ever 7 points ago +7 / -0

I wanted to hear more about that. For the first time ever in Cook County Il on Election Day I was given a sharpie to mark my ballot. I wonder how widespread the sharpie/adjudication thing was.