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StaryHickory 6 points ago +7 / -1

AZ audit delivered and pretty much vindicated what everyone already knew. The fact they caught a guy trying to erase data and cover up the fraud is icing on the cake.

We know what they are doing and we know they are corrupt. We know they lie without hesitation and are willing to kill or threaten to get control over people and maintain power. We know the media is every bit as much of a propaganda arm as was the state media in the USSR.

In fact the media and the left today have plenty in common with the USSR. The fact is people don't respect them, don't fear them, its more of a derision that is held towards them. They are also looking increasingly like a fanatical religious cult.

The whole situation is frankly disgusting and no self respecting human being should ever take them seriously other than to protect yourself and your loved ones from their fanaticism.