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This is not legal advice, or me telling you what to do. This is just for anyone interested in researching EEOC law and vaccine mandates. Specifically, this information applies to individuals with sincerely held religious beliefs.

You have rights afforded to you due to the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States and more specifically in the civil rights act of 1964 that you cannot be fired or refused employment due to your personal religious beliefs. This is a fact and cannot be denied.

All three Covid vaccines use aborted fetal cells from the 1970s during testing and research. You can confirm this by researching HEK 293 lines and looking at the published studies on the vaccines and searching for where this is discussed. This is also a fact and cannot be denied.

Your employer cannot hassle or question you over your sincerely held religious beliefs. Your employer can only deny that they can provide you a reasonable accommodation. For example, they can claim that your job cannot be performed through telework or they can claim that you wearing a mask will not make your colleagues safe enough. At that point, I think you will be able to file an EEOC investigation request. I think EEOC takes 180 days to investigate and make a report. After that, you would need to research what your legal options are if you dislike outcomes from your employer and what you can do with the EEOC‘s final report. I think there are more appeal and legal options.

However, you may find that your employer will be happy to provide you a reasonable accommodation and you can move forward with a solution, like teleworking or getting tested once a week. I hope that the accommodation selection process is supposed to be collaborative where you both make suggestions and discuss options.

I want to encourage you, if you have sincerely held religious beliefs regarding the harvesting of baby organs, to seriously research your EEOC options. I believe that this information is getting buried and hidden away from people so that they don’t know their true rights. I believe that Christians and others are getting bullied into participating in this organ harvesting industry due to coercion and that our legal rights under EEOC are not discussed enough.

And remember to pray for peace and guidance and wisdom and how to proceed. Our God is in heaven, not on earth.

Here is a good link on how to start an exemption request: https://lc.org/exempt

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Not paying a lawyer to fight my battles. Will not comply because i have rights. Shouldn't have to fight for the rights that already exist. Make them fire me as there is no telework in manual labor, nor am i getting tested every week when i have no symptoms. My rights end where yours begin. Right at the tip of your nose. Your rights end where mine begin. At the tip of my nose. I shouldnt have to argue in court what has already been established as law for 200 years.

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Thank you, will add this to our resource list!



How to Research EEOC and Vaccine Refusal


How to write exemption request: https://lc.org/exempt