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If this can happen in the People's Republic of PuertoRicoStan, it can happen anywhere. Today, Judge Alfonzo Martínez Piovanetti of the State Circuit Court (San Juan District) ruled on behalf of three Christian women who sued the municipality of Barceloneta, citing their belief that the vaccine mandate imposed by the Governor for all government workers violated their freedom of religion and freedom of association. They had been given till October 1 to vaccinate or lose their jobs. EDIT: They actually had been given till September 1 and placed on administrative leave pending termination for failing to present evidence of vaccination. These courageous women volunteered to risk their livelihoods so they could present proof of damages in court. The judge ordered their jobs and benefits fully restored. They were represented pro bono by Puerto Rico attorney Juan Gaud, a conservative who has worked with Jay Seculow on SCOTUS cases in the past.

The judge found that the Governor's mandate violates both the Puerto Rico Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution, along with the Federal Equal Opportunity Act and the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He noted that the "religious exemption," which requires people to attend a "recognized" church that has an anti-vaccine teaching as core doctrine (and have the pastor sign their exemption), is unconstitutional. "In America, the word 'no' is enough," he wrote. "No means no. If an atheist cites his sincere belief that the vaccine mandate is immoral, to him it is."

While this case is at the state (or territorial) level, we boricua pedes have been very busy and also have two similar cases pending at the Federal level. We also have legislation in committee in the Legislature, promoted by our brand-new conservative party, Proyecto Dignidad, to overturn all mask and vaccine mandates.

Celebrate with us! Again, if this can happen here, it can happen anywhere in America.

Source: Me. (I'm in the lawsuit group.)

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Holy shit. A judge actually wrote that?!??

I’d lost all faith in the judiciary tbh.


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Yeah, we have some surprisingly based judges. For example, the then- Federal 1st Circuit Court Justice Juan Torruella struck down Obergeffel, if you can believe it, and dared Washington to impeach him. They never did, and the government's appeal went nowhere, so Puerto Rico is the last place under Old Glory where gheymarrij is officially illegal (though the cucks in San Juan rushed to make "administrative orders" that get around it).

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Fantastic work, what a great group effort! 😎👍👍

You are all now the inspiration for millions worldwide! 🥰 🥳

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"No means no. If an atheist cites his sincere belief that the vaccine mandate is immoral, to him it is."

That right there. I don’t consider myself and atheist but I think that vaccine is evil. I mean did you see what that evil cunt NY Governor said about it. These people are demons.

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They are satan worshipping pedophiles 100%

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Puerto Rico is US territory. This therefore, sets precedent for the rest of the United States.

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Yes. And we're suing in Federal court too. Same court system. We get shit shut down with a Federal injunction, it's going to make some real waves everywhere in the country. Imagine muh brown people winning a Federal case against mandates!

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Lead the way

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Thanks!! Keep fighting

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Thank you for sharing this great news, OP.

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I never knew the religious exemption required people to "attend a "recognized" church that has an anti-vaccine teaching as core doctrine (and have the pastor sign their exemption)". Was this just one person's interpretation, or is that actually documented somewhere?

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Yes, it is in the text of the executive order: "Por otro lado, se permite —a manera de excepción— el no inocularse por motivos religiosos siempre y cuando la vacuna vaya en contra de los dogmas de la religión del empleado. Para cumplir con esta excepción, la persona deberá presentar una declaración jurada en la que certifique junta al ministro o líder eclesiástico de su religión o secta, ambos declarando bajo juramento y sujeto a perjurio, que por causa de sus creencias religiosas no podra ser inoculado contra el COVID-19." (On the other hand, it is permitted, by way of exception, for a person to not be inoculated but only when the vaccination goes against the dogmas of the religion of the employee. To meet the conditions of this exception, the person must present a sworn testimony in which he certifies, together with the minister or ecclesiastical leader of his religion or sect, both declaring under oath and subject to perjury, that because of their religious beliefs they cannot be inoculated against Covid-19." Link to the order (Spanish). https://assets-global.website-files.com/6078c37d59795548262e3647/611520865f217c3fb1881678_OE-2021-063-compressed.pdf

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Thank you for the clarification.

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It’s a kind of religious test. That is, you have be of a certain religion for unequal treatment.

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1.Create your own church. 2. Recognize it. 3. Become pastor. 4. Sign your exemption.

The government does not get to tell us what is recognized and isn't.

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  1. File for tax exemptions also now that your home is a church 6. Profit
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A friend of mine is an ordained minister. So, if something like that is needed, I’ll have it.

Also, I agree 100% with you.

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Nice job, pede! Side note: you have some of the most beautiful women in P.R. I'm glad they won't all be forced to risk ovary inflammation from this poison.


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People need to cite this precedent case when the file their lawsuits, there are a lot of cases like this and we are winning, just need to keep on filing lawsuits.

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This should be pinned and highlighted.

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Wow, finally, some good news!

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Hi fellow Boricua and Patriot! Great news! I’m stressing out about vaxx mandates for the school kids 5-11. Mine are in private school. Any general advice on this? I’ve even thought of just moving to Florida until Trump Saves America but I prefer to be with family in PR and this gives me hope.

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Sorry to hear that. Sending private note.

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Following the publication of this massive study from Argentina, involving 21,232 subjects (17,966 in the control group & 3,266 in the Ivermectin group) the TGA must IMMEDIATE reverse its ban on Ivermectin, which prohibits Australian doctors prescribing Ivermectin for Covid.

Early day of delay & procrastination by the TGA maintaining the ban is going result in more Australians covid patients filling up our hospitals & more Australians dying.


Additionally this study is likely to understate the benefits of Ivermectin. Firstly, the treatment in the study appears be Ivermectin only, not Professor Borody’s triple therapy of Ivermectin + Zinc + Doxycycline (and Vit D).

And secondly, the Ivermectin group was over represented with those deemed obese compared to the control group (36.2% v. 12.5%). So if Ivermectin was ineffective, the Ivermectin group would have expected to have worse results - not vastly better.

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You made my day!

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Ia there a filing for this case or something from the court system? Im gonna need this type of stuff soon...

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Yes, I'm waiting on Lcdo. Gaud to publish the full decision in PDF and then I'll link it here. It will be in Spanish, tho.

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Spanish splanish. Federal injunction means the same thing in all languages. Thanks

BoricuaPede [S] 9 points ago +9 / -0

No, this is a state court injunction. Federal soon (we did arguments in Federal court last week). All Federal decisions come down in English, even here.

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Fuck yeah!

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"No means no" this is basically our rallying cry.

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If you go out to the CDC website, they publish the statistics on natural immunity and surprisingly Puerto Rico has the highest in the nation at over 70% of the residents with natural immunity. So what the fuck do they need a vaccine for?

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So what the fuck do they need a vaccine for?

The general public doesn't need a vaccine either. The at-risk groups should have the option. People are just being stupid in general and either going along with the mandate narrative or they're part of the group trying to gain more power.

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Godspeed my Coquí y Pepe's

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No means no.

A statement the left tried to lecture us on for a year or so back in the octothorpe-me-too days but suddenly have forgotten because it no longer aligns with their tyrannical goals.

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Great work! There is hope against these unconstitutional mandates.

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I love Puerto Rico, Culebra is my favorite beach!

Edit: Flamenco beach on Isla Culebra to be more accurate.

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¡Aleluya! y ¡Felicidades!

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Is there a way to reach PR by boat?

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Congratulations, excellent work in the cause of freedom.

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Love to hear about this strong fight. I love PR, and glad people are working to keep it great!

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Hey man I'm a boricua myself but have been separated from the island for a while. How have you been keeping up with current events on island?

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Boricua here too :)

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This is great news, thank you based Puerto Rican freedom lover!

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If Puerto Ricans become more based, ngl I want them to become a state just to piss off DC cunts.

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Puerto Rico = Round Mexico!

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Please link me anything related to this, very important fren.

BoricuaPede [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Everything available so far is in Spanish. Here is a radio interview with the lawyer Juan Gaud discussing the victory: https://www.facebook.com/santiagogabrielini.analizalosdatos/videos/335859461663603. Maybe some of the other boricua pedes could listen and summarize the rest of the info for our GringoPedes?

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Thanks for the link brother.

Thanks for putting up the fight. I will never accept that poison in my system no matter what. Almost everyone has bend their knees when it comes to the satanic mandate this demon put out, but for the moment I haven't been required to take it, though I've been asked about it.

Never take it!

Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Life and death are in His hands and HIS hand alone!

Every morning before going out of the house, put the Armor of God on yourself!

La armadura de Dios

10 Por lo demás, hermanos míos, fortaleceos en el Señor, y en el poder de su fuerza.

11 Vestíos de toda la armadura de Dios, para que podáis estar firmes contra las asechanzas del diablo.

12 Porque no tenemos lucha contra sangre y carne, sino contra principados, contra potestades, contra los gobernadores de las tinieblas de este siglo, contra huestes espirituales de maldad en las regiones celestes.

13 Por tanto, tomad toda la armadura de Dios, para que podáis resistir en el día malo, y habiendo acabado todo, estar firmes.

14 Estad, pues, firmes, ceñidos vuestros lomos con la verdad, y vestidos con la coraza de justicia,

15 y calzados los pies con el apresto del evangelio de la paz.

16 Sobre todo, tomad el escudo de la fe, con que podáis apagar todos los dardos de fuego del maligno.

17 Y tomad el yelmo de la salvación, y la espada del Espíritu, que es la palabra de Dios;

18 orando en todo tiempo con toda oración y súplica en el Espíritu, y velando en ello con toda perseverancia y súplica por todos los santos;

Dios te bendiga!

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Amazing work!

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Where the fuck are the men? Women have been carrying our sorry asses lately and I’m not ok with this.

Nonetheless, great job ladies!

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Well if its lawfare they wanted, its lawfare they got. Represent freedom fighters!!

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