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She says everybody is really tired all the time, which I initially contributed to teachers being liberal wimps, the kids being wild coming out of remote learning for so long, etc. Then she told me that teachers are losing weight (20 lbs here, 15 lbs here, 55 lbs in one case!). She said a lot are getting sick with covid despite being "fully vaccinated"

this thing is hitting them hard, and this particular friend of mine is high up in the public system and knows teachers across the county and says its widespread...

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You know, I was a little worried at first when I didn't get renewed last year. Now, I have a feeling my pureblooded self is going to have a job here realllly soon. ^_^

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The future is a small group of parents all pitching together to hire a freelance teacher to help homeschool their kids.

Start a business for that - a middleware software to connect parents to freelance teachers, and a way for said parents to vet said teachers - and you'll be gold.

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I think they don't care. You won't be getting a job unless you get euthanized... I mean vaccinated.

Think they really care about teachers? Go online, see how many resources are available to students, no teacher required.

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Prolonged stress has a negative impact on your immune system.

The whackjob teachers are in a constant state of hysteria and it's affecting their health

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Yep, a constant state of fear. Afraid of AIR!!!

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Kinda of like the constant state of fear I got from having Biden in office. Got over it...now it is more like I am a spectator watching an arsonist run around the U.S.

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But also they just have AIDS.

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Libbies gonna Lib. Virtue signaled gonna Virtue. Sheep will walk into the Slaughter.

Sad but True.

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no doubt but I think the vaccine is deteriorating them too

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That's exactly what it's doing:

Dr. Ryan Cole: Health Freedom Idaho interview: Rise in cancers (excerpt, 2:11)

Dr. Ryan Cole: Unprecedented cancers now seen in the vaccinated, likely due to TLR4

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Here is a non communist link for actual patriots to click:


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16 minutes is all you need to realize the Jab F’s up your innate immune system.

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Same in my wife's district. I mentioned to her months ago that burnout was coming when they drove the purebloods and conservatives out. Now she's seeing it. Everyone who can retire, has, rather than guide the younger teachers for a couple more years. Now the teachers young enough to change careers are doing so. The middle aged who have husband's making enough to sustain them (with a few cuts) are finally starting to leave too. All that's left are the middle aged top deep to get out. We're making calculations on getting out in 1, 6, or 11 years when we had planned on another 15+

The main problem is Admin changes plans constantly, sometimes minutes before class, in an attempt to appease the shifting politics (all admin are trying to get into politics). The union isn't standing up for the teachers, because they too are trying to get into Dem politics. Everything gets dumped on the teachers, many of which admittedly voted for this and deserve it.

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My kids’ school offered a THOUSAND DOLLAR bonus for each teacher who gets the jab. That’s half a million dollars for this district.

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big clue right there how much money is trading hands for each dose

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My wife is a teacher and most teachers got the vax about early April when they were given preferential "service". About 85% got it, per wife's guesstimate. Not much to report (we're in Chicago, so if widespread issues were happening we'd see it, lots of teachers here). However something may be starting. One who just retired this summer has lymphoma, and so does another. I saw a video where vacxed blood had red blood cells stacked together in chains and the doctor said this is what you see in lymphoma patients. So...hmmm. we have a non teacher who is vacxed that also got lymphoma. Looking it up, it says it is a rare disease. So three new cases we know in one summer? How rare can it be unless...

My aunt was unable to open her eyes for several days. My cousin, her daughter, woke up a week ago and was paralyzed, could not move. Both vacxed. I haven't gotten an update about the cousin. Hope she's ok.

So I don't know, but I will say the adults around here are all acting very weird. Most are vacxed. There's just something hanging in the air.

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Yeah.... we keep hearing the word "rare"..... Kind of like the list of Killary's dead friends....

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Dr. Ryan Cole: Health Freedom Idaho interview: Rise in cancers (excerpt, 2:11)

Dr. Ryan Cole: Unprecedented cancers now seen in the vaccinated, likely due to TLR4

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Thanks! I was looking for a non-YouTube source for that. 😃

It's unfortunately not a very strong video because it's only the results for one person. It would be great if some docs came together and did these tests on multiple people. Say, if 9 out of 10 vaccinated are showing these results, or 5 out of 10, that would be compelling.

As it is, this is a possible harbinger of things to come, but it will not convince doubters, they'll just say "Ah, this was just one guy."

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I agree on the single patient, but there's practically no interest in anyone looking at this which is what scares me. The lack of interest and what seems like an effort to quash any curiosity tells me that we need to be looking at this more.

There was a study from St. Judes measuring the level of spike and nucleocapsid antibodies from employees that had recovered and got the jab. Their post 2nd result are also quite odd.


Look at figure S7 in the pdf which shows the 10 individuals with natural immunity prior to the shot and post 2nd, 6 of them are showing a dramatic reduction in N T-cells vs. Spike T-cells. It's something we should be looking at and it might be a big deal. Or maybe not, but I hope I'm wrong in why there are so many odd things anecdotally happening to folks post jab #2

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Agreed. Thanks for the link!

There are doctors who are testing more of their patients for things they think to look at. Dr. Charles Hoffe found 62% of his patients tested positive on D-dimer post-vax, indicating microscopic clots:


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Brace yourself, flu season is upon us... and the "vaccinated" are in deep shit.

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This is my source of fear. Once flu season hits, all these people who have had the shot are going to start dropping like flies. Either they're going to get too sick to work, they're going to die, or they're going to become disabled. Remember, we went in to COVID riding high. The economy was great, everyone was working, supply chain was just fine, fuel was cheap, and so was food. If flu season hits like you and I are thinking, and those "60%" get trashed from it, we're going in hurting already. That supply chain isn't going to make it.

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Now do healthcare workers who were over worked, short staffed and will now lose coworkers by the 10,000s ... it will be quite the shitshow.

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If only we had shutdown for 15 days to flatten the curve. But this could be much worse if they were unvaxxed

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I just talked to an Asian friend of mine, he said something similar. In China teachers are dropping like fries

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I'll have mine in the sweet potato variety!

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kek, I see what you did there

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Damn you, now I'm hungry.

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I thought China wasn’t giving an mRNA vaccine?

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My wife's a teacher. No vax for her, but all of her coworkers got it. She's one of two teachers for her grade that is not "out sick w covid" at the moment.

The entire district is suffering. Kids are f'n nuts after last year, teachers milking the covid protocols for paid time off, and parents feel like nobody is on their side.

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We haven’t even begun the see the full effects of people genetically altering themselves with experimental pharmaceuticals. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this coming cold/flu season kills hundreds of thousands.

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I think this could happen, and will be used as more fuel to blame the unvaccinated.

Things are going to ramp up really hard here in the winter.

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Same here in Norway.

A lot of staffing issues (Unknown if it is vaccine or covid related. Heck, it might even just me imagining things).

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After 25 years my wife is coming home UN-happy from teaching her little ones. One of them bites... DAILY... and nobody does anything about rules anymore. Except MASKS!

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Is she expecting sympathy from the Devil?? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha......

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Even worse, they are expecting salvation

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Daaaaamn. Well said.

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Fuk all the commie teachers and the teachers that kept their mouths shut all these years. You are also the problem.

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In a school I know about, they were spraying disinfectant hourly to wipe classrooms down, followed by a harder disinfect overnight by janitors. The disinfectant being used was a pesticide according to the manufacturers material safety sheet. They didn't do anything extra in the way of ventilation. I wonder how much chemical the kids and teachers were being exposed to through inhalation. On the bright side, you couldn't find a fly or bug running around anywhere in the buildings.

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I can just imagine what a shitty environment that must be. Schools already were awful and unnatural, especially with fluorescent lights and the prison like environment (kids aren't meant to be segregated by age to that degree). Now they've removed the small, mostly ignored, except by the unconscious mind, bits of nature left in those places...

Real problems are going to begin cropping up in addition to all the other BS already occurring as a result. Small things like that make a surprising huge difference in sanity.

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I’ve wondered what the side affects will be from these 24 hour disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizers. I’m guessing skin diseases

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Soooo... we will end up being a nation with nothing left but gun loving rebels who hate government...

Bring it on

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Yup. Knew a liberal teacher. She was down 20 pounds, aged a decade and was tired and wrinkly. Tinnitus and stiff neck. Irritable bowel.

Probably will get the booster too.

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some have died in az after getting covid shot. "dying in their sleep". reportedly 4 in 1 district.

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A student died in his sleep we know of, but don't know. Never heard of this before with teens

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Well that’s what happens when you hide away for over a year and then everyone comes back on the same day. Should’ve carried on with life as normal and dealt with it like men.

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Wife's business has about 50 % vaccinated workers, it's not required at all so that's just how the numbers shake out. The vaccinated ones have all gotten sick, really sick. Out for a week at a time sick and not haha staycation sick.

The unvaccinated are fine, of course. Wife said to me the other day after the other (vaccinated) manager has been home, deathly ill "I'm glad I waited on getting that vaccine because seeing everyone else [at work get sick] I've never felt healthier!"

Damn right honey.

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Hard for me to feel sorry for them. Thats probably half the reason we had to leave KY.

The teachers union and drooling teachers have a stranglehold on that state. Most of them are obese too.. so losing 15 or 20 lbs isn't even gonna put a dent in them.

They pretty much gave Andy Beshear to KY with a pretty bow tied on his faggot ass so they get what they deserve.

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it's those pesky non-vaxxed pos!!! /s

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Most of these leftists could afford to lose 15, 20, 75 pounds.

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That sucks...I can't wait till the handful of us unvaxxed are running the company.

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The globalists are unvaxxed and already running the world.

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Alex Jones isn’t the only one whose been talking about this…

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See what happens when all the conservative teachers leave.

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I can answer that! My sister was one of the conservative teachers at a junior high in South Orange County, CA. She quit after 29 years in July of 2020 because she saw the deterioration of the curriculum and farce of online teaching. This weekend, she spoke to one of her former co-workers, who enlightened her on the current state of the junior high. The radical pussie- hat wearing Dems have destroyed the English and History departments, while the principal is constantly dealing with conservative parents and their demands for the unapproved CRT/Social Justice/Defund the Police/Green New Deal curriculum to end! I was also a teacher and quit when I had to start teaching "Communist Core."

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All 7 of them?

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I love these kinds of posts. Source: trust me bro

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Same. Here's one for you: My boss has suddenly had some kind of problem he had to go to the ER for. Not sure what it was, but I overheard him saying that he was considering taking company Long Term Disability Leave. He got vaxxed, and has never been out sick before, that I know of.

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Teacher in Louisiana. Can confirm. We don't have many kids out, but we have 10-13 teachers out every single day. We are a tiny school with just over 30 teachers. I have taught with most of these people for 7 years now and the malaise is odd. Like Jeb! was added to the water supply. I've never seen the like.

Getting some weird ass behavior out of some of the older students, too. Major impulse control problems with kids that uses to be pretty stable. It is weird as hell.

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Like Jeb! was added to the water supply. 😂

But does it taste like Guacamole?

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please clap

Fermented 1 point ago +1 / -0

Probably prions from protein misfolding. All that spike protein replication has got to produce some errors. Dementia and impulse control is one of the symptoms. Look up Dr Kevin McCairn for more on this theory.

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It’s for the best. I was wondering how to get rid of so many Marxist educators destroying American children en masse… this helps.

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The scariest thing is that EVEN IF they finally admit the vaccines are killing people they'll still believe it was for the best, to stop COVID.

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Stress and depression is hitting 99% of the US

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Well, maybe the problems with teachers is self healing, in reverse. Popcorn time.

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Find me a teacher (or just about anyone, really) who can't afford to lose 20 lbs

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They are vitamin D deficient as group

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We seem to be in the beginning of a depopulation event.

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lol well if teachers are losing weight then maybe something really is going on

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Not the first time I've heard of a lot of the vaccinated losing weight.

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Good. Too many of them put themselves over the health and well being of their students. About time they reap what they’ve have sown. Charter schools and homeschooling is the way to go. And government unions shouldn’t be legal.