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See my username; I chose it for a reason.

Today I had to do a thing with church, and when I arrived, everyone was masked. I was in a bad mood as it was (I hate driving in the city, I’m a county/country girl for life haha), so I just didn’t even bother putting mine on, and quickly forgot.

No one said anything. No one approached me. Two people (out of about a dozen) separately asked me why I wasn’t wearing one, and I just said “No one told me to”. People got a little looser with theirs, but no one took theirs off completely.

But you know what? I consider it a win. At the end, we were taking pictures and people were grumbling and ripped theirs off. They put them back on, but they were still frustrated with it.

It doesn’t take much to be an example. It doesn’t take much to stick up for yourself, even if it’s quiet. I’m a 5’3” female, a PetitePede! I’m small, I’m cute, I’m nice, I don’t look like a disruptive person. I don’t make waves, I just try to fly by under the radar. And I, in my very quiet way, stood up for myself and didn’t comply.

So my fellow Timid Patriots, you can do this too! You can be the quiet example, without making a scene. All we have to do is show that there’s more of us. That it’s okay. That we’re with the ones even more timid and scared than us. And we can grow stronger and braver - silently together. ❤️🤍💙

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My daughter is exactly the same way. Far from timid thow. She is the same height a little"shit"and she doesn't wear a mask where it's mandatory. She tells them no I cannot breathe. Then they leave her alone. My daughter doesn't deal with Karen's at all. I had to reply to you Fren you sound like my daughter.

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A high compliment from a Patriot! ❤️🤍💙