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MagicDsHarp 275 points ago +279 / -4

You are already better off. You got rid of a woman with no loyalty to you.

Looatyourself [S] 227 points ago +230 / -3

It’s hard to swallow, but you’re right.

Spez_Is_A_Pedofile 40 points ago +40 / -0

My wife left about 8 months ago. No kids thankfully. The main reason she stated was I am a “Trumpist”. The looser she started fucking dumped her after a few weeks.

Now she has nothing. Sorely regrets leaving me and profoundly sorry. Suck it - you made your bed now lay in it.

Im sure she still listens to NPR. But she did make a biden sucks comment.

This too shall pass. You will recover better & stronger. I personally am waiting to start dating until the divorce is finalized. Its not fair to me or the other person to bring ongoing baggage with me.

But once everything is finalized I now know how to dig into mental, spiritual, and political beleifs. Something that different register years ago.

Looatyourself [S] 15 points ago +16 / -1

Thank you for the perspective!