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Look at the table again.

You underlined paragraph Single Cross to highlight results from Double Cross.

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They didn't. That's the point. You are scatter shotting your math all across the bow here and saying look the magic number wasn't correct.

Here is what the 827 means. There are 827 TOTAL participants who received a vaccine during pregnancy and who completed a pregnancy.

OF THESE 700 got it in the third trimester and 127 in the first. So spontaneous abortions from the vaccine during pregnancy was.... 104 by 827. Total abortions vs total pregnancies gives rate of abortion.

Now look at the double cross. This is VERY important cause I have been telling you repeatedly. 1224 women got the vax before conception/during first trimester.... there was no information on 905 of them.

In short they published the results BEFORE >1000 woman in their first trimester who got vaxxed reported a miscarriage or live birth.

Now don't ask me why you'd ever take that risk, but 100 out of >1000 PENDING = No applicable data available!


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