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I can't wrap my head around the fact that some people seriously think vaccine would give them full protection against COVID but then will continue to wear masks because they need masks to protect others from catching COVID from them. They do not find any sort of logical discrepancy in their reasoning, apparently!

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I think we agree pretty completely. It is our job to protect them by informing them. I did this but later than I should have. Our job is to not comply, so that they don't get the impression that is the Smart Action.

If someone has been complying, and complaining on a message board made up mostly of us, they've missed the boat entirely. I developed this standard because I realized some people I like are going to die from their own ignorance. This way I can assuage my guilt by the knowledge I did something.

Tldr, speak out loudly and often and never comply. This is the way to protect those who don't critically think well.