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hansgruber7 -87 points ago +1 / -88

This is great. Is there a more concrete source we can use for redpilling?

poopsalad 3 points ago +3 / -0

no there is not. this is fake news. the number, 1113, is correct. the number was produced by VAERS, which is operated by the US military.

this idiot who couldnt tell the difference between AUS and US, mistook the fact that VAERS was reporting data on active duty members, when in fact they were reporting it on the entire population.

so out of over 100 million doses, there were 1113 cases. feel free to use that as an argument if you want to get laughed at.

maybe if you wanted to sound intelligent to them, try this: if you want the vaccine, you should get it. key words here: if you want. its your body, your choice. the vaccine protects against severe illness for a long time, but loses its effectiveness for catching and spreading it. you're not killing anybody by not getting the vaccine.