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As with any speculation post, this is HIGHLY speculative and I am not giving financial advice... take the next few paragraphs with a HUGE grain of salt and do your own analysis. Disclosure: I own shares and my interests are vested in an increase.

To begin lets review Truth's up and coming competition: Twitter - Valuation as of Today: $ 50,000,000,000 Netflix - Valuation as of Today: $278,000,000,000

Now assuming Truth Social can bring in roughly 10% in each venture for their first 8 months (end of 2022), they would have a market cap of: 5,000,000,000 (social media service) 27,000,000,000 (video streaming service) 32,000,000,000 Total Market cap.

There are roughly 28,760,000 shares.

32,000,000,000/27,760,000 = $1,152.65/share

With a current market price of ~$85/share, this would be a YoY increase of 1256%.

I honestly believe 10% is the absolute low end of the spectrum, we're probably looking closer to 15-20% for their first 8 months. In addition, Truth Social will have additional services which will also increase their market cap as well, I am only showing the two that will most likely bring in the most revenue for the company.

Again this is all speculation, but figured I would give my reasoning on why I am holding for ATLEAST $1,100. Most likely I will hold my shares until retirement age.

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