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Yes; the thing about his example is, you didn't need a government to explain the danger to you, so it was easy to get people to cooperate. The danger was real, immediate, and you could easily explain it.

Covid has had the goalposts running around the field since it began, has no logical or scientific basis, and is an obvious political stunt to most; so no shit, people aren't treating it as the threat it's being pitched as, and if no one is buying the scam, no one is buying the fake cure to the scam.

Counter argument, turning your lights out really didn't mean shit when they started firing V1's and rockets; so I could make a counter false equivalency that at a certain point, there's no reason to comply because the danger has become both inescapable and the prescribed means to protect yourself has become totally irrelevant - so there's no need to continue pretending you're safe if you just obey; take off the mask, ignore the jab - it won't stop covid, so why keep playing along?

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Plus, you can turn your lights back on after it's over..

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Can't un-mud your blood.

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Exactly. Your immune system and dna on the other hand....

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Imagine a german bomb so weak you need a test to find out if one went off in your living room.

“Looks like I got hit by a bomb last week, test came back positive. Crazy, I didn’t even notice!”

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Thank you for pointing this out. I found that term out while watching The People vs. Larry Flint. He compared photographers who took pics of people committed acts of violence/murder and being praised, to him taking pics of people having sex and being persecuted. The whole speech in the movie was mental gymnastics.

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That was a great movie. It's the one thing that has easily given me a most open perspective on our First A rights. He fought the good fight and won. He got the Supreme Court to rule that satire is a protected form of speech. What a great thing he did for this country!

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He did some good things, but he was still a degenerate. Let's not give him too much praise

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This is something that the smugnorant will think is a great point.

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Yup, just more stupid drivel from a communist faggot

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I respectfully disagree. You need to look at it from his point of view: a scared piece of shit looser hiding in his basement for years from something which may or may not happen, waiting for daddy government to govern him harder.

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The vaccine is more like turning the lights off at noon.

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More like blowing up your own house for them.

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Paint a neon glow bullseye on the roof. "Your saving lives" by drawing fire.

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Inviting the Brown Shirts into your home and providing them with weapons.

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It would be like David Koresh inviting Janet Reno into the compound.

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Vampires must be invited in, so I understand.

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I would be very surprised if the Vampires did more damage.

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The equivalent in this case would be if the government required people in WW2 england to carry umbrellas at all times, even indoors, cause it stops bombs from exploding or whatever.

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Close. It is turning your lights ON at night so bombers can hit you while the government says bright lights keep you safe.

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I think we are both technically right on this. My metaphor works for the mask BS and yours works for the poison injections. Either way leftists are fucking retarded.

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And the people who point out the obvious are the real threat

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Exactly... and then bitching at their neighbors every time someone with an umbrella gets bombed, because "you weren't using your umbrella."

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That sounds like a better analogy for masks.

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I can always turn the lights back on after the air raid is over.

What method do I have to extract the biological agent from my body after it's proven to cause long term health problems?

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The guy is a retard. He probably gave himself a pat on the back after he wrote that with a shit eating grin.

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Wait til you can not start a fire in your wood stove or fireplace until after dark as to not alert the freezing hungry democrats that you have heat and food.

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Moths to a flame (thrower)

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Or a bug to zapper

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Block those windows, maybe see what you can do about a chimney scrubber so your smoke isn't black like the power plants? :)

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Now imagine the government in WW2 telling you to keep your lights on at night because the bomb manufacturers told them to

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Did turning out your lights destroy your immune system, give you blood clots, and strokes, while making you a super spreader?

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What sterility, bella palsy and sudden death dont count anymore

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Carpal tunnel counts. That's what I'd get from typing the full list.

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Imagine being named Adam Hills and having that mug.

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Madam Shills sweats soy

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The pricks who refused to turn off their lights were the same pricks who invented blackout curtains.

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agency post......not even a good one

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Yea, thing is, that actually worked as intended

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These are the kind of people who would have been broadcasting beacons because they didn't like Churchill

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Imagine praising a governor who sent wwii-era survivors to their death (via nursing home COVID scandals) while also pretending to honor the wwii generation.

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Imagine being the faggot that hid in your basement pretending that turning your lights off was doing something while other people actually went out and fought the fucking war.

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He's SO CLOSE to admitting sarscov2 is a weapon.

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Imagine being one of the pricks that resisted being injected without informed consent by the Nazis, or by the US government after giving birth as a solo mother, or by the US government in Tuskegee.

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Today I learned that being bombed by Germans has a 99.9998% survival rate

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Aussie faggot cunt... I'm not a mean person,. But I'd love to kick his prosthetic leg out from under him and beat him with it...

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Bitch ass Australian comedian.

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They only thing that could make this false equivalency true was if the government was simultaneously bombing its own citizens during the war while telling them to hide from a foreign bombing...

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A better comparison would be :

"Imagine being one of the pricks in London that refused to cut his dick off because the government told him that would stop the bombs hitting everyone else's house because you didn't want to be told what to do by the government. "

And off to the socialist list he goes.

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Fucking stupid equivalency. Turn off your light or get bombed and die vs take a useless vaccine and have a 99.999% chance of living. Tell this fucker he's a moron.

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"flipping a light switch is the same thing as injecting yourself with an experimental drug that had to see the word 'vaccine' redefined to be considered one" this is what libs actually believe

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The left is grasping at so many straws, it's beginning to make a bundle.

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They can't grasp at straws... they banned them. ;)

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I think the long-term effects of turning out lights were well known when the government made the request

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Imagine being a fag so scared of a cold that killed only 720 people with no co morbidity that you want to force a product that killed tens of thousands of people most healthy.

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Bill bitchel is that you?

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So he admits we’re at war? That changes a lot of things.

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When decent people imagine what it was like in WW2, they think of airmen risking/giving their lives to bomb the nazis, or sailors risking/giving their lives to keep the seas open, or soldiers risking/giving their lives to fight the nazis close up, or even people involved in the war effort at factories and such.

This faggot imagines staying at home and turning off the lights.

Sad Mr. Big Brain doesn't know about blackout curtains.

Also, ridiculous framing, false anchor. Most people who refuse the shot do so because of the very real known risks of the vaccine, and because the government has been caught lying about both the virus and the vaccine so many times, also the unknown risks of the vaccine. Not because they don't want to be told what to do by the government. Why are they lying about the virus and the vaccine? Why would I trust them now?

Why does he capitalize government? Mr Big Brain is a faggot.

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Yeah. Totally the same.

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We worked together with communists to take out nazis. In retrospect, we probably chose the wrong side of a there are no good guys battle.

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So he admits COVID was a Chinese bioweapon attack...!?

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he's so fucking funny the rainbow cock up his bootyhole really tie it ALL together-- and also explains the PEDOSMILE????,....in the photo>??..........................??

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Putting the 'comedy' at the end of his hashtag is the closest to a joke he's ever made.

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Every comparison is under the false pretense that there's some world ending catastrophe threatening us all. There isn't, these people are just stupid as fuck. Like sub 50 IQ

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So, this twat thinks injecting poison into your body against your will, is the same as not going along with a black out? You can't reason with stupid, some people are lost forever.

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Yep. I think he’s making the implication that if you can find one example of a government order being a sensible idea, that means they ALL are. It’s a stupid argument.

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they didn't have turn out their lights if they had masks on their windows. (curtains, lol)

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Imagine being one of those pricks who refused to fly on a Boeing 737 Max when we all know flying airliners is the safest way to travel.... oh wait.

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Imagine being the retard who still turns his lights off 70 years later

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The thing is it was the British bombing of German civilians that led to the intended reciprocation by German pilots in order to save the British war factories from being bombed instead.

That being said, at least there was a strategy in play and it would make sense not to draw more attention to your neighborhood than necessary.

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No seriously that is wayyyyyyyyy different.

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Adam Hills is a douche lefty comedian who smokes a shit tin of pot.

He does has a good show once a year though called Gruen Factor

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OH YEAH now our government is trustworthy. Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Pfizer have such a great track record. We can trust our lives with them I'm sure.....

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Imagine being the Nazi in WW2 coming to murder that prick in London who didn't turn his lights out because of your interest in establishing fascist disctatorships.

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Fuck that FAGGOT

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Adam used to be a tight end, but now he’s a wide receiver.

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Imagine having to turn out your lights and pretend you're not home because your government may knock on your door and try to "get some shots in some arms" as the mayor of New York so famously said.

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More like if they were dropping pebbles from the sky.

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Dropping paper aeroplanes from the sky.