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There are multiple steps to get the Ivermectin for prophylaxis (prevention) or as an off label use for Covid once you get it.

You need a prescription, you then need a pharmacist that will fill it, you also need a pharmacy that has it or can get it.

So most people try and find a doctor then get a script then a pharmacy but oddly enough that is the wrong order to do this quickly.

Here is how to do it the right way in the right order:

  1. Email a pharma company that supplies it to pharmacies. Eden Bridge Pharma out of NJ is one of the suppliers I found online. I sent them an email at [email protected]

I asked them for a list of pharmacies that they supply the 3 MG (milligram not mcu microgram) Ivermectin tablets to, in my state. They replied within 24 hours with a list of 8 local pharmacies.

They replied with a VERY nice email and a list of pharmacies. Now you know which ones have it and that they DO have it or can get/order it very easily, there is no backlog or out of stock. The pharmacies use this as an excuse not to fill the scripts.

  1. Pick a mom and pop non chain Pharmacy, call them and tell them you have contacted their supplier and they told you that you have 3 milligram Ivermectin tablets and want to confirm how many so that you can have your doctor send them the prescription.

What this does is take away their ability to lie and say its out of stock, the script does not say what its for, so again you do not need to say why. You may have to still call a few but you have the knowledge that they DO have supplies.

So now you have a pharmacy that has the medicine, next you need a script.

  1. I used pushhealth.com and explained I wanted Ivermectin as prevention, they will want to know your details and body weight. Give them the accurate info, I was matched with a doctor in the midwest who prescribes it for off label preventative use. Now I wanted enough for 2 full doses so I doubled my weight and while not a nice thing to do I decided it was right for me. The 'normal' daily dose is 10-12 MG for 180-200 pounds. So I said I was a mega fatty and got double the tablets because of my size.

Push Health cost $64

The site will then ask you which pharmacy to send the script to, that is when you put in the one you already found that has it.

The first step takes a day for the email (unless we end up flooding Eden Bridge) then you call around and find the pharmacy that has it.

Once you locate it, you do the pushhealth.com telemedicine thing and you will have the script within minutes/hours. Then call the pharmacy to double check that they got the script, drive down there and pay for it.

Its expensive at $6 to $8 a pill right now and you could get less than 50, simply 20 would be enough for a 5 day dose.

That said I am not a doctor, do this only after consulting a read doctor via telehealth or in person.

I did all this in 2 business days but if I tried harder and called Eden Bridge directly, I bet I could do all this in a single day.

Good luck, fuck China, fuck the CDC and fuck the 'vaccine'

PS I could post pics of the medicine in the packaging but I don't trust the internet, so if you don't believe me and want more 'proof' sorry don't care believe me or not, I did it and am happy to have pulled it off. This shit is HARD to get for a lot of people right now.


A recap of all the Ivermectin studies, its important to take it early, that is why I have it on hand and ready.

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3 months later... finally getting around to this. I'll let you know if I have success.