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than a GROWN man accidentally killing someone while playing “make believe” and pretending to be a cowboy.
All of these industry safety procedures and titles aren’t legitimizing the acting industry, they’re only making actors appear even more pathetic. It takes three “movie industry professionals” to perform the same actions I do every time I handle a weapon AND THEY STILL MANAGED TO FUCK IT UP AND KILL SOMEONE!
Who ties Alec’s shoes? Who cuts his steak for him?

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This wasnt an accident.

The husband of the victim works for a clinton associated law firm that had members indicted recently.

This was a message.

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Yes, plus it's a great distraction for the news about Fauci funding gain of function.

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I'm not sure the left/globalists give a fuck about distracting us anymore. They stole the most popular election in history with a child sniffing braindead moron and we did fuck all..

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"see! i told you guns hurt people!"--alec baldwin in about 4-5 news cycles.

wonder if the nm prosecutor provides an actor exemption to involuntary manslaughter?

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lols,,,that oiece of shit doesnt eat steak for fuck sake,,,only cock

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This is the story of somebody, anybody, everybody and nobody. All four of these idiots could have prevented this tragedy. I think somebody should get the lions share of responsibility. Knowing this culture of negligence, somebody brought live ammunition to the set and loaded this "cold gun."

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I don't know his personal stance on guns, I am guessing tho that it isn't 2A and that is what makes this whole thing pathetic. Some one that, again guessing, doesn't believe that people have a right to self protection, plays some one who does. Okay, I think that only actual gun toting folks can play gun toters in movies. Like only trans people can play trans people or black cartoon characters can only be voiced over by black people. Only those that believe in 2A can play gun toting character.