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And you ? CANNOT be just by accident or incompetence

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You should always feel threatened by government. Because government is literally evil. That's why we have a constitution and the Declaration - to hold it within its limits.

That said, I grew up being scared of the Soviets, only to find out they were utterly incompetent. I worked with the top minds from China in various jobs, too.

We're safe. Critical thinking is not their strong suit. They think "come and take them" is an invitation to take our guns. One day they will make good on their threats and then we can let loose.

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They want you to be a scared compliant pussy slave. Congrats, you figured it out.

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Whether the people in power know they are doing it on purpose or not, the Devil is doing it on purpose.

The Devil has his way with a lot of people in this world who have sold their soul for wealth and power. They may not even have realized they sold their soul, but they just didn't read the fine print. That's what happens when you try to get wealthy and powerful by punching down.

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I’ve felt threatened since 9/11 and even more so when the dumb dumbs of America voted for Obama 2x only because he is half black!

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Well, Duh. . .