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Went on little overnight trip to get out of town and drove to a rural costal town in WA state. It was lunch time so we went into a restaurant to order (I was not wearing a mask). It was a pay at the counter and they bring you food type cafe. Walked to the counter with my GF and we ordered 40$ worth of food/drinks. As the guy at the counter was sliding my card to pay he states "I have to have proof of vaccination or you have to eat outside or take the order to go." I laughed out loud and said "Are you serious?" He stated "The county made it required to eat inside." I simple said "Go ahead and cancel the entire order, if we can't eat here we don't want anything" and we walked out.

I immediately called my Bank to make sure there was no charge to the account.

Fuck this shit!

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Well what's the name of this joint? We can help with reviews.

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Tommyknocker's Cornish Pasty

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Thanks for this update.. won't be going there anytime soon.

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It really crushes into their costs when this happens in the smaller one off places. Hard for them to absorb too many of these types of situations. Insanity as an owner in that environment to push that sht

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40 bucks for lunch. Yikes. That money is much better off still in your bank account than in that overpriced commies coffers. Go get a pound of meat from the deli and a loaf of bread. Eat the rest of the week for under 15 bucks.

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40 bucks for lunch. Yikes. That money is much better off still in your bank account

With the current rate of inflation keeping any money tucked away as cash is a dumb fuck idea.

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Agree hoarding cash loses out to inflation, but there’s no worse investment than trading it in for average restaurant food, so it’s still better off not spent.

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Inflation problems can happen in days; deflation will take years.

To deflate you need something pulling the money out and destroying it afterward. The only way to do that would be to tax people to the point of taking all the money back. Can't happen and wont happen because that wouldn't be beneficial to "them".

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I do this typically. Just trying to do something nice for the GF, haha

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Let’s Go Brandon!

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What county was that? I only heard of King county doing that.

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I'm in Port Townsend

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Can confirm, am a King county pede and have seen multiple restaurants with a sign demanding proof of vaccination.

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Restaurants that serve British food can't afford to turn away customers.

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Check again before you pay your statement. Sometimes it doesn’t post right away.

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Good call

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Should have hemmed and hawed about it until they had made it. Then told them to fukc off.

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Nasai Teriyaki in Kirkland, WA also has a big sign next to the register that says “be ready to show your vaccination card”

Would be a shame if people called in orders of two to three entrée for take out and then never showed up to pay for the food that was cooked and boxed up ready to go.

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I wonder if you need proof of clot shot to shit on the floor of that establishment.

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Your water fountain is over there, but hey, at least you were able to drink.

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You should be so proud of yourself..Rest assure, more people respect you today, then they did yesterday...fact...

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This is awesome. Make sure you ask to speak to the manager or owner so they understand why they are losing your business and for how long.

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So dumb.

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That is how it is done. Keep it up.

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That's how you do it.

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This is the way!