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This is massive!

An organization purporting itself to be about decentralization and free speech has deplatformed an artist they don’t like for… terms of service violations?

I bout a few before they sold out, which happened in the first 20 minutes, and now the community is blowing up because OpenSea is run by a bunch of tranny commies.

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Don't worry open source decentralized versions are going to developed soon.

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NFTs are the Beanie Babies of crypto. These people are revealing themselves are grifters shilling bullshit. If they were really about DeFi, self-sovereignty, and free speech, they wouldn't have deplatformed Stonetoss.

Either way, don't waste money on NFTs. HODL Bitcoin instead if you want to preserve value.

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yeah this exactly.

It took me a long time to accept that crypto is a number problem. It took me a longer time to accept value because there was (now 1.1Trillion Dollars in BTC) market cap...

NFT? uh yea. that's the Art Market. "Beats the Stock Market since 1930"

until it doesn't

And GUESS WHO isn't in that game by design ? ?


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I think the "What is Money: Saylor Series" has been the most influential on my road to becoming a Bitcoin Maximalist.

Ep. 5 definitely changed my view on holding physical assets. https://whatismoneypodcast.com/episodes/the-saylor-series-episode-6

PonySoldier66 1 point ago +1 / -0

Interesting, Thanks. Once I got past the worlds worst audio in podcast history, There are some great illustrations of layering on top of the slow clunky prototype BTC.

I think it will be interesting how fast they can turn it into a quadruple derivative of a derivative of a derivative of bad loans.... and how BTC value underlying cannot be manipulated.

I never really gave it that credibility before BUT it remains that everyone can stand up at once and "money" will vaporize.

Perhaps the lesson is that there is no vapor worth investing in and a physical standard is all that has true control on value.

Greed will always over-leverage.

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