DEGENERATE (media.patriots.win) SAVE AMERICA
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usdodsgssog 40 points ago +41 / -1

Social media by way of cellphones miniaturized mobile computers (which is borderline an implant for many people) broke society.

Cellphones were an amazing creation. A tool that was fantastic as a lifeline in case of an emergency. But now, people literally live within their cellphone and walk around like zombies.

imnotdeadyet 21 points ago +21 / -0

True, several years ago, my daughter was sitting in the living room with two of her friends. They were sitting there not saying a word, texting on their phones. I said "what you all doing"? She said, trying to decide what to do tonight. They were texting each other trying to decide what they should do that night. I said "your three feet away from each other, you can try talking"! It's then that I realized the negative impact of the cell phone. Kids don't know how to communicate with each other any more.

MAGA1775 16 points ago +16 / -0

Its bad. Whenever I'm out in public, virtually every single kid I see is a glued to an iPad/phone. They look like zombies just sitting there completely unaware of everything around them. It seems a lot of parents just hand their kid an iPad at restaurants or other places because "it keeps them quiet."

I've also witnessed friends my age who just had babies, and the babies are already addicted to cell phones. The baby will cry and throw a tantrum if they try and take the phone away from it.

FauciOuchi 13 points ago +13 / -0

We let me son play entirely too much ipad when he was a toddler. It took years to undo that but we’re finally in a good place. They get to watch tV or games only on sat/sun form 8-10, just like when I was a kid.

Now when we actually do need downtime we will have TV there which is actually a reward since it’s so infrequent outside the weekend mornings