It's not too late to brine your turkey.      YES            
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Saltwater (should taste like the ocean), mace, allspice, nutmeg, peppercorns, cloves. You won't regret it. Hit me up if you want more pointers. Am chef.

More pointers: different parts of the turkey cook to different times. If you wanna knock it out of the park, carve it first. Then brine it. Then cook the parts separately. You can still use the carcass for stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let Freedom ring!

I really am grateful for each and every one of you patriots. I'm thankful that I have a huge family who ALL are on the side of freedom... (which means they support Trump.)

And dont forget - if it just isn't quite there, just add some salt from some liberal tears.

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We smoke our turkey with pecan and cherry, brine it one whole day before we smoke it. We baste it with butter, broth and a light beer.

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