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Coordinated mobs of people are doing targeted looting of stores. This is way more organized and planned then the looser form of organization during the riots. In fact, these are guerilla ambush tactics of a specific organized nature.

Next we have large casualty terrorist attacks on parades and highly publicized events, where the people doing the terrorist attacks are apart of BLM or Antifa.

We also have calls by people on the left that the "revolution is beginning".

I want people to understand what this means. The prior riots were just training for BLM and Antifa; it was just them testing the water. Now that they understand what they can do and how many people they have doing it, they are beginning to see that there is nothing to stop them. They know they can send in over 50-100 troops and they will hit the target, and they will get away with it.

We are seeing the another transition into an increasingly violent civil war. This is not unlike what we saw with the rise of ISIS and other factions in Syria. And its happening here.

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Its interesting that you think what I am saying is bullshit, but you have not addressed any of the points I have made. Its clear that what they are doing is organized crime, but when organized crime is under the banner of a political force, its called warfare.

Again, we see a distinct escalation pattern. We see increased levels of organization, violence, and risk. We see a progression of territorial dominance in urban areas. We see them forming pop up checkpoints utilizing semi-automatic weapons.

We've seen attempts on police stations, ICE facilities, and courthouses. These facilities have armament.

Unfortunately, and I mean unfortunately, i'm right. I don't think the line you draw at National Guard Armories is that meaningful, other than another tick on a measuring stick.