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With serial killers it’s harder to measure, because most black killers will be caught before becoming serial.

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It also goes under the category of "gang related crime" as opposed to being under "serial killer". There's plenty of black people with a long list of murder charges for killing multiple people, but because they're in a gang, it's "gang related" as a distinction. It's also how they cover up mass shootings by black people.

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DOJ/MSM/whoever defines a "mass shooting" as 4 or more shot: in Chicago this year, there have been 29 incidents of a shooting of 4 people, with 7 fatalities. As to info on the perpetrators, this pie graph shows the (known) perpetrators by race, I'll let someone else do the math on that.

Shootings of 4 or more (in Chicago) range from 15 shootings of 5 people at once (with 7 additional fatalities) to an incident of 15 shot with 1 fatality.

The links above come from this excellent page of infographics covering Chicago violent crime. The stats are unbelievable even considering the large population of the city: 4151 shot this year thus far, with 777 fatalities as of this writing. Of those, only 7 were killed by Police in self-defense (with 10 wounded: that's a total of 17 shot by Police, which is a small number compared to the 4151 shootings committed by civilians- statistically mostly black-on-black.)

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Can’t the same be said for men in general? Their testosterone makes them more susceptible to violence and anger? Just a thought!

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Possibly. But despite Thomas Jefferson's best intentions, all men are not created equal.

Some men are peaceful non-violent types who avoid confrontation. I have never been in a physical fight (although I have been attacked/slightly injured by an angry drunk SJW female twice my weight. Good times!)

I also have no interest whatsoever in sports, cars, outdoor activities, none of that typical macho-man stuff appeals to me in any way and I avoid it at all cost.

However: my testosterone levels have always been normal, and I have a sky-high sex drive. But for some reason, I am an outlier who has no interest in "guy stuff" and no tendencies of violence (with the added advantage of a squeaky clean Police record.)

> Obviously I would react appropriately to a home-invasion or sudden threat to my family, I fully support judiciously-aimed response to obviously dangerous criminal attackers. Otherwise, the thought of attacking/harming someone is not part of my normal thought processes.

My guess (and Stefan Molyneux also talked about this in a few of his videos) is that IQ could be an equal or greater factor as testosterone, in terms of predicting violent tendencies. From my observations in decades of working with large crowds, it's not the smart articulate people getting into public fights, whatever race they may be.

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I mean, men in general commit way more violent crimes than women. Do you think men and women can't live together?

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Thats a bad analogy

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It doesn't make sense. Its a classic example of apples vs oranges. You are comparing a biological dependency versus conflicting cultures. It just doesn't make sense.

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We're going to see affordable reproduction technology that does not require a partner in the next 20 years. When intermingling sexes is no longer a "biological dependency" will you hold to your principles and advocate for a society without males (after all, you purport this is really about reducing harm and most physical harm and property damage comes from males, yes including whites) or will you admit you're just afraid of black people

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Deport this new sign up

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Also, leave a black man a pile of bricks, and you've given him a weapon.

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Blacks are the oldest race, so they should be the most advanced

Fallacy in that statement. When the out-of-Africa migrations started, Africans weren't today's Africans. They've changed the same as Europeans and Asians have changed from that starting point at the separation.

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Not exactly. SubSaharan Africans represent more than a dozen distinct subspecies of humans, each as distinct genetically from each other as they are from their non-SubSaharan counterparts. The fact people lump them all together as one “race” is very scientifically incorrect.

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Still wrong.

Humanity didn't start in Africa.

It started around what is now Turkey.

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go back to stotmfaggot

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We can’t just ignore the reality forever

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naah bro fuck the nationalist socalist party and fuck you

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feelz b4 realz

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I'd rather be a nationalist (sans socialist) than be an ignorant Dem/Rep multi-culturalist who refuses reality and objective truth at every turn.

Screw you faggot, get off this site! Sorry saps like you don't belong here!

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Maybe he is black and feels threatened that people think the way they do about blacks.

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If that is the case, the best thing to do is stay quiet and let this play out. Any black man on this site has the sense that there is a lot of hatred towards the dindu population. Yes there are good black people out there, plenty of them. Many on our side even.

That doesn't make it any less true that dindu is going to do nuffin, time and time again. Something must be done.

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Cope cuck

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suck my diock bitch

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you think people come from monkeys? we have as much dna in common with a banana.

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This BS looks like an attempt to make this board appear openly racist and hostile based on skin color and... (not surprisingly) is all based on evolutionary bullshit theory.

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Go back to Stormfront you racist fuck. This is such a poor reflection of the TDW community.

Don’t call our neighbors, friends, and brothers sub-human.

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The goal of the people pulling the strings is to convince us that it is you vs me, man vs woman, black vs white, poor vs rich, and straight vs gay. As long as we keep fighting each other, we fail to realize that it is us (freedom loving people) vs them.

The left has fallen for their lies. They divide people along lines of race, sex, income…

We are better than that.

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man vs woman

Men and women aren't equal.

black vs white

Racial differences exist and are the direct cause of racial conflict.

Blacks are, on average, unable to compete in white and asian societies.

poor vs rich

In a racially and culturally homogeneous society the difference between rich and poor is much thinner than it is in this broken idea of a nation-state that exists today.

straight vs gay

Homosexuality is an abomination of which we have no reason or justification to accept.

It is a degenerative mind virus bred out of nihilism and spread through sexual abuse of children and teens.

When putting the health and advancement of a nation first, homosexuals are nothing but a negative.

we fail to realize that it is us (freedom loving people) vs them.

In my many years on this Earth I've found freedom to be woefully overrated.

You believe in a "democracy" of which all the core, foundational pillars are removed. Yet you call yourself free.

Your political power within this system is the equivalent of a "naturalized" retard from Somalia. Less so, even, because the government pays them and takes from you.

We are better than that.

You're right.

We are better.

We are White Christians and we built this world with our sweat and our blood.

It is far past time that we once more stand together as brothers in a bulwark against the regressive, degenerate hordes that would tear down everything our ancestors fought to build.

The barbarians are no longer at the gates. They've breached the outer walls and are slaughtering our people street by street. You have a choice to make. Do you stand and fight alongside your brethren? Or will you lay down and die like a dog?

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I report when I see them.

These posts are one of the primary reasons that it is difficult to share TDW with friends and family. If I recommend this site to someone, I become accountable. I have no interest in being associated with garbage like this post.

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Gofundme is letting him raise money...despite banning Kyle from the site for the same circumstances

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Not even remotely the same. This animal committed flat out murder of women and children and harmed dozens of people. Kyle was self defense, this one is not.

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This needs to get upvoted ⬆️

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When the supposed "President of the United States" actually says, after a jury of a defendant's peers rightfully acquitted him of any wrong-doing, that he is 'angered and concerned' by the verdict, then that sort of talk can garner all sorts of negative reactions from unhinged people just looking for an excuse to cause mayhem. This is the result.

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Pure coincidence. He is simply anti racist, and only racists are racist, so he is basically a national hero

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Pure coincidence also, that the only mainstream "news" organization talking about this is based in another country.

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Start with me, faggot!! This faggot pedo also violated sex predator laws by leaving one state where he was charged with being a pedo rapist and moving without telling anyone. He was also not registered in Wisconsin as a sex predator.. but then again.. why should he.. HE A GUD BOI.. LET HIM OUT ON $10 BAIL!!

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Probably another one of those so-called black Hebrew Israelits that harassed the Covington kids.

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China is radicalizing the blacks and mexicans in America to wage war against the whites and the asians. No need for land invasion just turn a fraction of the population against the rest. Textbook Sun Tzu

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The National Lawyer's Guild is not financed by China.

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But their minds are beholden to TikTok and Reddit. Not necessarily chinese capital.

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Correct. This is why buying into the ethnostate narrative is playing right into the communist's hands

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Being a "true Hebrew" is not bragging rights.

Jesus was repeatedly tested by them as he tried to bring in an age of mercy
and do away with the archaic and brutal imposition methods of Mosaic Law
which generally involved no trial and stoning.

Divine or not (for the atheists among us) Jesus was a genius. When they
brought a woman they accused of adultery before Him, they tried to put him
to the test of going against his teaching of mercy and the established law.

Jesus knew very well that the law stated both the woman AND THE MAN accused were to stand trial, but they did not bring the man. They sinned by bearing false witness against their neighbor.

Jesus knew they'd all since boys heard in Temple that "the Messiah shall cleanse Isreal of all sin:. So he wrote that in the sand and said:

"Let any among you who is without sin cast the first stone".

...implying that one of them must be claiming that they are the Messiah.

They dropped their challenge and departed.
. . . . .. Woman, where did they go? did none of them condemn you?
. No.

Then neither do I condemn you. Go now and sin not from this time forward

....even giving her the benefit of the doubt, but a clear warning..

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Lol, the theories BLM losers come up with.

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Doesn't sound at all like something a terrorist qould say.

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We wuz attendin Bar Mitzvahs and shiiiiet

Codrus 5 points ago +5 / -0

... mozeltof cocktails?

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His motive for Sunday's attack remains unclear

Badback26 5 points ago +6 / -1

when white liberals think "omg fox news is radicalizing people!"

THIS is what the mainstream media is actually doing to MOST people.

absolutely insane.

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Black Hebrew Israelite. His treatment of his wife(?) makes sense then as well. It's astonishing that the multitude of cults under that ideology don't get more attention.

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This is the son that Michael Obama shat out after a long period of constipation. Call me when his statue goes up.

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So you are saying that I am better than you in every single way?

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This reminds me of the claim leftists were making a few years ago about the Ancient Egyptians actually being black people. So in 2017 a study was done to prove just that, using DNA from 1300 Egyptian mummies. What was the result? The Ancient Egyptians had almost zero percent sub-Saharan DNA and actually far less than the current Egyptian population. Total myth.

These untruths are allowed to permeate our culture because nobody has the guts to challenge them.

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Part of pitting one enemy against another .

Creating St. Floyd of Fentanyl as a new icon.

Who benefits ? Qui Bono ?

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Run this faggot over

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"Yeeeah kill whitey, they deserve it! Dey WAYCIST!!!"

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Somebody mentioned this and it stayed with me.

This jogger asked for help from a white person after the murderous rampage, fucking clown.

I hope he's ass raped repeatedly before they shank his ass.

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Can't wait for totally non-racist Joy Reid to talk about this on her show which will totally happen. Right guys? RIGHT?!?!

Oh wait she's a racist white hating bitch.

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Mathboi? Sounds like a 5 percenter. That organization's main goal is the elimination of the white race off the planet. They call white people "devils". Most of the most famous rappers are 5 percenters

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Black supremacist.

Wcvarn 2 points ago +2 / -0

CNN enabled this mass murderer.

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So he was one of them "Kangz"?

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Never lose sight of this fact: creatures like Brooks are mere weapons of the communists and globalists. They insert the ammo into the weapon's head, point the weapon at their targets, and pull the trigger.

farquhar 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes of course, just like Hispanics are the true Buddhists or how Asians are the true Southern Baptists. The logic is clear. Why can't you pretend to see it too?

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Claimed true Hebrew, oh he's proper fucked now.

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tru brews

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Watch this guy not be charged for terrorism or a hate crime

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Cmon down

Mattrocksalot 1 point ago +1 / -0

be me

entire family bloodline comes from Israel


WanderingStooge 1 point ago +2 / -1

Black "people".. cute thoughts.

LiteraIIyHitIer 1 point ago +1 / -0

So you be sayin' we wuz Jewz an' shit?

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Ah, so Daryl Brooks wasn't just a black supremacist, but a "Nation of Islam" member too?

ShampocalypseWOW 1 point ago +1 / -0

Oh he's one of THOSE retards... kek!

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We have a black friend who is part of that 5% Nation of Islam and he is YUGE in size and looks scary but he is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met! My husband met him n his brother also a Nation of Islam member in high school! Known them for over 30 years. They are always gentlemen when they hang out w us and we are all white and they are the only 2 black guys in our group! Poor guy took vaccine n now has stage 4 lung cancer at only 54 years old! Not everyone who is part of that group is a lunatic.

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Makes sure to specify "the old white people"...worthless pussy

HaasKonijn1 1 point ago +1 / -0

Fits right in the group shouting at sandman. it's BS -> Blekses supremicy

Codrus 1 point ago +1 / -0

Im sure he meant “He-bro’s”

My2Cents 1 point ago +1 / -0

it's not "knock," it's "konkk"

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Striganos 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ah he's a we waz kangz jogger.

Bubblegumbro 1 point ago +1 / -0

Man he couldn’t have graduated high school. It’sa surprise he wasn’t killed by someone long ago. Sounds like he runs his illiterate mouth a bunch

Wexit-Delecto 1 point ago +1 / -0

No wonder the “news” won’t cover the attacker. What an inconvenient narrative. Did any of the people the “news” called “white supremacist” over the past 5 years say anything even close to this?

The real systemic racism in the West is anti white racism.

Torinus 1 point ago +2 / -1

I hope nobody does anything stupid as retaliation, they are waiting for something like that to start taking away guns from people.

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It literally says in the Bible that David was fair with rudish red skin, His sons were red haired and were fair which means white.

Then later identifies men like Jeremiah who does say his skin is black but because of the exposure of the sun . But it clearly identifies those from Africa and Ethiopia and people like the Queen of Sheba as clearly dark and black skinned. But nowhere else does these Black Israelites have the biblical authority to declare that Africans we're the Israelites when all there is Biblically is that the people of Israel were nothing other than olive skinned people ( white) who came from what is now Iraq during Abraham's time and lived between the Northern Egyptians which were white and the Hittites of which is now Turkey who were also olive skinned or white.

That religion of race baiting idiots needs to be destroyed.

Because in the end Jesus Christ said all people of all nations who accept him are saved. But to say that The Israelites we're Black or Asian is just plain stupid.

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I’ll never understand why angry violent blacks make this claim. Which true Hebrews? The ones that coward at the border of Israel and were sent back into the desert? The ones that embraced idol worship, child prostitution, and child Sacrifice? The ones that killed the prophets for hundreds of years to continue sinning without being reproached and were destroyed By Babylon because of it? The ones who spazed out because Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the messiah and despite healing people by the thousands they sought to kill him? I’m a little foggy on this. Which Hebrews are blacks claiming?