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Busted his chops about not knowing the data.

“Dr, respectfully, do you know how many children died from covid per the CDC’s own data?”

Dr: No.

Me; It’s less than 500 since Covid started....do you know how many kids there are in that age group?

Dr: no

Me: approximately 78 million. Do you know what that equates to in terms of risk?

Dr, again: No

Me: 6 millionths of 1%. Don’t you think you should know this stuff when you push a vaccine?

Dr: maybe, but people have died from covid. And you aren’t in that age group.

Me; OK, fair enough. My age group represents a 3 in 10,000 chance of dying. But if you drill down you’d recognize that over 70% of those deaths are from obese people. I have a 6 pack. And I had covid.

Dr: well I just want you to understand what the risks are.

Me: with all due respect sir, I actually have taken the time to assess the risk based on the data that is available to everyone. Based on my knowledge of the facts, it appears that I am more versed in this than you are. That’s deeply troubling to me.

Dr: blank stare

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15 years ago my nephew spent 5 months in a hospital. They never figured out what was wrong, but when he got out they told him "you have tylenol toxicity" (cause we gave you way too much for way too long)