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A few years back my daughters then ages 7 & 6 caught a nasty lice infestation. They got accepted into a very prestigious elementary school down here in miami. The issue is that the school is filled with foreign kids of wealthy decent from people all over the world .

The lice was nasty. We went to the hospital, we spent thousands of dollars on lice treatment. Nothing worked. We even considered cutting their hair off. Luckily wife didn’t go through with it.

This is where you magnificent Nazi white supremacists helped me out! When Covid first hit this board was flush with all sorts of information regarding parasites. So I did some research and figured out that lice was also a parasite.

Boom. My family owns a small pharmacy in Miami and I called in a favor for some ivermectin. I did some research and found a dose that we figured would be appropriate .

The very next morning after my wife and kids took the dose was one of the most eye opening days of my life.

My bed and my daughters beds were filled with perhaps thousands and thousands of dead lice. THE NEXT FUCKING DAY. Ivermectin killed an infection that we have been dealing with for two years. Over night success.

It has now been a month since the dose and the lice never returned.

You guys fuckin rock. Love you guys like my own family.

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Ivermectin is awesome, but it doesn't eliminate the very worst of parasites (communists).

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Did you get the dosage right? You need to use at least 9mm.

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It’s hard to overdose.

Better make it 40 or 45.

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I love you bastards, this is what I come here for lol