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I can hear their REEEEEEEEEEs from here


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I have to agree on the glowie thing. People here are too quick to call people "glowie" when they're doing something. While I think everyone knows that the FBI is asshoe, and the FBI infiltrates right leaning groups and has since Clinton started weaponizing the DOJ, it's an assumption that doesn't really help anything. I'm sure most people go in to these situations knowing there's risks, and just because they're willing to accept those risks, doesn't make them a Fed psyop. If you want the Fed psyop, it's probably the one that scares people into inaction by makng them afraid there's glowies everywhere.

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This is a bit more whoa to me - I saw a video of his a couple weeks back. Him and another teacher, both in the same week. I thought "Nice, more teachers pushing back - that's rare."

I didn't realize from the small size of the picture I was seeing that it was the same guy who was doing videos about it. Fucking awesome, what a great guy. His Twitter shows he's taking it VERY well. This is how terrified they are of normal, sane, rational people:

'I've been required to work from home the last two weeks, as staff reportedly have 'clinical anxiety' over working with me,' Kinnett added. 'When I came to get books from my office, phone calls were made to each team member so they'd be clear of the building.'

Can you imagine that? The teachers are so fucking indoctrinated that they feel fear, they get sincere anxiety over a NORMAL person disagreeing with their RACIST LUNACY. Just have 1-2 teachers do this at every grade school and high school - all the crazy teachers will take off a year for psychiatric help LOL. Ironically they're SO STUPID they got indoctrinated into a cult that convinced them everyone else is in a cult of "white supremacy" - so many teachers, so many, are just STUPID. We've all been in school, and you know the majority are NOT that smart.

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They're not really anxious, I'm sure some might be, but they got found out. Makes anyone get "Clinical Anxiety" if you're outed.

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In fairness, for sure some aren't "anxious" - they're just radicals and activists. Some though for SURE are anxious. They believe their indoctrination, which for them translates to this guy being a LITERAL white supremacist evil white Nazi man - they're probably wondering "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? THIS IS INSANE".

Put it this way: some of them are so stupid that their indoctrination basically broke their brains and finding out a fellow teacher in their school is against CRT equates to them breaking down. Cult members aren't known for mental stability.

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Why does he use Gaggle?

We need to stop using the platforms of our enemies — this is not hard. . . .

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I'm guessing it is a specific school google account, used for sharing docs, vids, presentations etc. with students.

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This. People use Google because of the freeware

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Yeah, it's a "myips.org" (Indiana public schools) account.

The real question is, how long until Google starts locking people out of their personal email because you violated terms of service by being a Republican.

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I do believe that day is coming.

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He doesn’t use it personally, from the article it sounds like his school district uses Google as their cloud server and work email. So he was just essentially barred from using any work tools.

He said he was able to download a lot of incriminating files & communications beforehand though.

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You'd be amazed how reliant schools are on Google. Many schools require students use school-issued Chromebooks and have their entire administration on Google products. Google is neck deep in K-12 education. I suspect they are data mining students and creating files on them from the minute they get their first school issues tablets on 2nd grade.

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^ This. Get the fuck off of Google.

If Google deems you unworthy, just think of all of the things they can fuck you with.

  • Email, Calendar, Sync'd Bookmarks, etc.
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It’s tied into the school’s system.

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Stop using centralized services in general wherever you can.

Even Hilary kept her email server in her house.

Edit: Doesn't appear that that's directly the issue in this case though.

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This is why whistleblowers are scarce against the left. How many have come out against these global communist manipulators to get nothing out of it but their lives turned upside down? This is why a lot of people just choose to resign. And of course, who fills in those gaps? More leftists.

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So glad we left cesspool Indianapolis, rust belt nothing to do town full of potholes and fucking weirdos everywhere you look.

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More total bullshit from the left. This guy was on Tucker Carlson and he is brilliant, and not offensive in the least.

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Indiana used to be a decent place to live until Chicago hood rats started trickling down into small towns and cities. Now they want you to cuck yourself and feel bad for them all while society crumbles around you.

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DO NOT use gmail or google drive, how many times do we have to say it?

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It's the school's platform.

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ok, the title should say that. "Teacher locked out of his school accounts by radical communist administration"

Google people are still evil, but you have to call school people when they are evil too.

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Agree. An equally big scandal is why elementary schools are so reliant on Google products and how is student data being used.

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Millennials love everything google, they would wait in long lines to provide google every single detail of their boring lives. They absolutely adore everything google except android, there they cannot resist giving all their information to Apple too.

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Well, if they are learning it in school starting with tablets in 2nd grade, that may explain it. Schools have basically merged with Google. I'm surprised this isn't talked about more.

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States need to make laws that say:

(1) there will be cameras with audio, recording in every classroom;

(2) parents or grandparents can visit classrooms of their kids any time they want; and

(3) anyone caught teaching CRT will be fired.

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Proton mail way to go, rofl!

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Indiana has a supermajority of Republicans in the state senate, house and governor. Yet they continually pass watered down “conservative laws” and let evil continue through schools and other state departments. There are many good conservatives in office there but too many weak RINOs at the top (I.e. the Governor, leader of the state senate, etc.). They could easily put a stop to teaching this bullshit but they don’t.

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Fuck Google, Fuck YouTube, Fuck Commie teachers

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Kinnett posted that his access to various work accounts had been taken away earlier Thursday and confirmed that he's been placed on paid leave.

First off, Google isn't locking him out of these accounts. I think that's extremely important to note up front. Secondly, he should have known better and backed up the information before releasing shit. He knew the fight he was getting into and failed to prepare for it. I wish him luck on exposing this crap and I hope he has learned to prep better.

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He did. Says so in article. This is just about how he isn’t fired but prevented from actually doing any work on district accounts.

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"make them cry, then make memes of them crying."

~The art of meme war

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Did he not get the memo about google drive/docs a year ago?

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FTA: 'They've apparently gotten tons of emails and texts and calls from people who have refused to work with me, if they have to work with me they will walk,' Kinnett explained.

I don't see the problem there. That sounds like the way to weed out the communists embedded in the system.

The reaction seems way out proportion, though.

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Bleak times

The commies are winning at every turn

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These people cannot be allowed to migrate to red states when they have destroyed their own states