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This is a really interesting situation because you have a TON of people who got vaccinated soley to have their freedoms back. I know a lot of people who got the vaccine and not one of them has ever told me they got it because they are concerned about their health, they all got it so they could do the things they were threatening we couldn't do if we didn't get vaxed. That is also interesting because they quickly backtracked on that and all the people that got vaxed to go to concerts and shit found out un-vaxed will be able to also do that.

So when this mask mandate was announced, every single vaccinated person said "what if you're vaccinated?" and the answer was "even if you're vaccinated".

People both vaxed on unvaxed were not too pleased about this and now the vaxed are joining the unvaxed and questioning what the vaccine actually does.

The day the mask mandate was put back into place I had an appointment to get snow tires. I did not plan on wearing a mask and was wondering how I was going to convince the employees to sell me my tires while refusing to wear a mask. Well when I arrive for my appointment I see one person sitting and waiting and he has no mask on. I was happy to see this and walk in mask free and discover that the guy behind the counter is not wearing a mask, and none of the employees are either. And it wasn't long before me and the employees were talking shit about the mask and I wasn't even the one to bring it up.

I spoke about this to friends the next day and they all told me that half the people they see in public are not wearing the mask.

People are done with this shit and now they have put a huge spotlight on what the vaccine is actually doing since we are heading back towards lockdowns. That's actually in the 4 phase plan in Erie County, NY which this new mask mandate is the first phase.

People now want to know if the vaccine is not stopping or even slowing covid, then what are they taking it for? And that is a very valid question.

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You are 100% right on that. I am astonished to see how easily people were coerced into taking a medication they just invented. Long term studies have been a requirement for new medication for a reason. Listen, fucking baby powder gave people cancer. I guess I just don't understand how stupid most people are. I do believe they are fudging the numbers and I don't think anywhere close to half are vaxed. And its going to be real interesting if this thing actually does take out millions of people because the rest of the population will suddenly become pretty god damn based.