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Can anyone recommend a good, small fireproof safe? I was looking at the Sentrysafe brand, but I am reading some concerning things on the reviews. I want to keep a decent amount of cash, metals, and crypto in it. I prefer dials to electronic ones. Any of the smart pedes on here have a recommendation?

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They are insulated with ceramic insulation and these safes have actual fire protection and have survived full house burn down.

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Thanks. That is definitely what I need, but I probably need to make sure I'm still going to be employed before dropping that kind of cash. Those definitely look like the buy it once type though, so would be the best investment long term.

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It’s my dream one, someday. Currently I have a cheap one that I put in the corner of my basement and I made concrete forms and threw in som rebar and pored it 3”. She isn’t perty but she is effective.