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Im not here to stir the pot by any means. Im here to open your eyes. We are being genocided as a race! Look at what is happening in South Africa; maybe you are not aware. Look at what happened in Waukesha Wisconsin! It was a wholesale white slaughter of children and grannies and probably more. Im not saying that any white person should hate any other race or color or religion of person. However; it is not wrong to call out the begginnings of white genocide here in America! Its not racist! Stop being so perpetually beat down and brainwashed. It is okay to aknowledge when a horrendous event like a genocide is happening. Im asking you specifically to rise up as a white collective and say "NO MORE!" We must hold accountable anybody of any race, color, creed, or religion for thier attrocities and there is no shame in that! I refuse to apologize. There are good and bad people from every kind of group of people on this planet! Lets call out the bad ones together!

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Right is right and wrong is wrong - and ethnicity doesnt factor into the equation. Period.

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It is not the "beginnings" of the genocide. It has been underway for decades.

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Never happen. Too many really good and decent folks of color in this country, folks as MAGA as you and me. They can try stuff, but it just wont work here.

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The problem is that globalist whites are inciting NPC blacks to it... and libtard whites are supporting it.

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Howard Stern used to have a guy on whose phrase was "wake up white people". They relentlessly mocked him (so did I back in the day) but he was right .

Tiredofthisbullshit 2 points ago +3 / -1

Yea no shit. The right and whites are docile and cowardly unfortunately

racer513 2 points ago +4 / -2

How long have the Jews claimed to be both a religion and a race? They are just white people but they are the owners of all media and that is where the anti white attacks are coming from. What is their plan?

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No shit, Sherlock. Are you just now figuring this out? Where the hell have you been for the last 5 years?

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The worst kind of racism is moral racism- being against a race, and claiming a moral motive for doing so. Even Leftist white people hate white people.

Of course they have a warped sense of morals. Fight on that point, and then point out whatever hypocrisy you want.

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Do try.

Ellessargolden [S] 3 points ago +4 / -1

What is ZA? By the way, im not at all worried about anybody following me. I just can't stand to see so much suffering and death from innocent people being murdered and then the people who say anything truthful about it getting shouted down for no reason.

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You obviously haven't been to TN.

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