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Im not here to stir the pot by any means. Im here to open your eyes. We are being genocided as a race! Look at what is happening in South Africa; maybe you are not aware. Look at what happened in Waukesha Wisconsin! It was a wholesale white slaughter of children and grannies and probably more. Im not saying that any white person should hate any other race or color or religion of person. However; it is not wrong to call out the begginnings of white genocide here in America! Its not racist! Stop being so perpetually beat down and brainwashed. It is okay to aknowledge when a horrendous event like a genocide is happening. Im asking you specifically to rise up as a white collective and say "NO MORE!" We must hold accountable anybody of any race, color, creed, or religion for thier attrocities and there is no shame in that! I refuse to apologize. There are good and bad people from every kind of group of people on this planet! Lets call out the bad ones together!

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