You Reap what you Sow. (media.patriots.win)
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MrGone 203 points ago +205 / -2

Cops stood by while my friends and I were assaulted, maced and beaten with clubs. Literally feet from us and did nothing. Then they threatened to arrest us and let blmtifa chase us to our cars where they broke windows and dented cars.

Not 1 fucking arrest that day.

I'll never lift a finger for a cop in distress. They are not heroes. They're losers and they're gonna find out.

Americanus 125 points ago +125 / -0

I will never support the police again.

Remember when they intentionally routed Trump rally-goers through deranged Leftist mobs in San Jose and stood by while people got beaten?

Fuck the Blue. Never again.

MrGone 84 points ago +84 / -0

Look into what they did to us in Olympia Washington on December 12th last year.

They let antifa corner a guy who shot and killed 1 of theirs so that he could escape the mob.

It was like rittenhouse only there were dozens attacking him. Didn't even make the news.