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I found out he got the coof and sent him vitamin D and zinc supplements and 20 12mg ivermectin tablets from my supply. I said he didn’t have to take them, but they should help him get better faster, that it’s up to him. He asked many times if I was sure the stuff wouldn’t hurt him. I said yes and walked inside and took one. Updated him last night and this morning that I felt no side effects. Overnighted that shit for about $100. Wife got mad, IDGAF, it’s my brother. Will update y’all in a few days if he starts to take them. He would be Ok regardless, but this should help him recover faster. Stay strong pedes. Fuck Joe Biden.

U/spez: https://buyivermectin24.com/

This is where I got mine. Got the link from Patriots.win got it in a few weeks, much faster than anticipated. others delivery time results may vary. Also, there are multiple sources in the comments from other pedes in here.

U/spez: the UPS store confiscated it. I should have boxed it up myself /facepalm

My brother is slowly feeling better though, thank the Lord!

<3 all of you

U/spez: scratch that. He still can’t sleep, fever all day, chills etc. Fuck UPS

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You are a good man. I personally took ivermectin, the horse paste version and documented that experience here. Its an amazing drug. I sure hope your brother takes it, and you'll know if he did 4 hours after taking it. Everyone needs to have ivermectin in their medicine cabinet. You know it even relieved severe arthritic pain in my thumb that I've had for years, and its been months since I took it and I'm still pain free? Look it up, its used to treat arthritis as well.