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I, a white male, went to the gas station today, and after confirming with the cashier that the station accepted apple pay (cash/cards are not with me at the moment), the pin pad would not register my phone's payment thing.

I was prepared to put the merch back and drive away. Then a purple-dreadlocked, middle-aged black woman behind me in line asked how much I needed. The cashier told her the amount, and she turned to me and said "I got you." Mind you, she drove up to the place in a 90's vintage car with a pizza hut delivery sign on top, so I don't think she was in a position to throw money away on strangers. She had nothing to pay with but a hefty pile of coins.

Despite my protests, she insisted. I thanked her profusely and she said "Hey, not a problem. We gotta stick together. Happy holidays and have a great weekend!"

She's right. We gotta stick together! The establishment loves nothing more than division, especially racial division. This lady restored a good bit of hope in me that has been lacking in the past two years.

God Bless her. Thanks, bros.

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As a Canadian who recently spent half a year in the southwest, i was surprised how nice and friendly black people were down there, compared to how you would hear it or perceive it online.