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  1. Full audit of 2020. Treason charges for willing fraudsters.
  2. A new 911 commission lead by Richard Gage.
  3. Investigation into creation of Covid and treason charges for all involved.
  4. Creation of a background check system for ALL government employees that publicly lists all groups they are involved in including fraternal and sorority affilliations.
  5. All illegals banned from renting or owning property in the United States.
  6. Creation of an ID system for all pornography distribution or an outright ban and stiff penalties for owning servers that distribute porn to minors.
  7. An Eric Holder style gun running program to Austrailia.
  8. Amend the Constitution to provide for medical liberty.
  9. Ending the Department of Education.
  10. Outright ban on abortion.
  11. Investigation into the Iraq and Afghan wars and war crimes charges for top government officials that willingly lied about any of it to keep it going.
  12. Investigations into MSM reporting of war, racial topics, medical, and climate change lies.
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Thelongrun 1 point ago +1 / -0

This is unfortunately, tragically, and nauseatingly, the absolute truth. The Deep State are in total control. I'm hoping some new variant will mutate enough to take them all out.

Apersonofinterest 2 points ago +2 / -0

There’s a 9/11 story that says the Pentagon was hit to hide evidence of the missing money that Don Rumsfeld talked about in front of Congress.

They don’t need to fly a plane into a building to hide evidence of missing money. They just won’t comply.

How long has Ron Paul been trying to audit the Fed? It’s never going to happen. They don’t need to fly a plane into a building to hide the theft of money.

They just steal the money and their lackeys in Congress ensure that no audit will ever happen.

Also, there was no plane that hit the Pentagon.

“Smelled like Cordite” said an on-site witness.

Thelongrun 1 point ago +1 / -0

True, true, true. No plane hit the Pentagon. Either was a missile, or a bomb. But Why? Yes, why did they need to bomb the Pentagon, bring down the twin towers and building no. 7, in order to cover up a missing 2 trillion form the Defense budget? They must snitch that amount every couple of years without Mr Average being any the wiser.

Nothing adds up.

Apersonofinterest 1 point ago +1 / -0



Scare Tactics.

Your average Joe Shmo doesn’t pay much attention to what these people are up to.

It wasn’t about the missing money. It was about the money to be made.

The Grand Chessboard.

Henry Kissinger should be hung.