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My Dad is a hard working American from the South that loves this country. I refer to him as a “JFK Democrat” because the democrat party has completely changed over the years.

He started to wake up when the BLM riots were going on. These riots did not represent the party that he knew his whole life…the party of JFK.

Then the major lockdowns kept coming. This was a huge awaking for him. I kept telling him the lockdowns would lead to a vaccine mandate but he didn’t think it would get that far.

Then, the mandates rolled out. He is vaccinated but 100% disagrees with the mandates and thinks they should be the persons choice. Do to his age and previous health problems, I agree with him getting vaccinated.

With that being said, this administration has completely woken him up. He despises Nancy pelosi and the other day, he said to me he is never voting democrat again.

The everyday Americans are waking up in droves due to this administrations incompetence. Keep telling people the truth, don’t ever give up. WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN!

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JFK is far-right compared to today’s standards. He was catholic and absolutely would never have supported trans kids, abortion on demand, and drag queen story hours. Or having totally open borders.