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Gildoom 1 point ago +7 / -6

Liberal Jews annoy the hell out of Conservative Jews. Why? They know that Liberal Jews are what created the German hate machine... I have a lot of super conservative Jewish friends, that despise these people and speak out against it. Don't fall for the trick of hating everyone, the left wants this, so they can divide us further.

Reality is, we just need no matter the race, leftists tossed out of helicopters.

DocGoban [S] -1 points ago +7 / -8

You're "Conservative Jew" friends don't have the numbers nor the power to make one bit of difference. In fact, the majority of jews are now "liberal jews" so I'd suggest laying low and hiding for a bit because you don't make a difference now but you could have made one 30-40 years ago when this all started ... but you didn't.