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Somebody should work on finding Nemo...

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Her Subaru has a coexist sticker on it.

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People who use "transphobic" as a pejorative can not be taken seriously

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It's bigoted not to want to help mentally instable and ill citizens kill themselves apparently.

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Yeah, you can't take delusional, low IQ, anti-science retards seriously.

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This person will burn in hell but I want to see karma in this world.

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Hell is for those who deny Jesus.

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Nobody cares what your doomed ass thinks.

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Hell is the absence of God.

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Hell is where Lucifer is. And that would be Earth.

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Reddit kick you out?

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You are the type to buy a goldfish to save it from racing but it died in your fishbowl 1 day later cuz you don’t know how to take care of a living thing. It’s not wrong think you are punished for it’s wrong do. Don’t care how you think just go somewhere else with that bs

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Notice, this person can only say "I want to see videos", instead of saying, "I am going to personally force them." We shouldn't give basement dwellers this much attention.

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The problem is this person uses the government to do their bidding. Its actually a lot worse than an individual doing it.

They are a weak, pathetic degenerate though.

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Yaknow, if they didn't have to literally redefine half a dozen medical terms in order for their mRNA shot to be called a Vaccine... I probably would have gotten it. I'm not down with people who need to redefine words, even dictionary companies doing it, for their mental gymnastics to make sense.

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If life carried on like normal and all they did was say they have a COVID shot much like the flu shot, I would have gotten it. When they shut stuff down, AMD some places made it a requirement, it became a fuck no.

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Medical mandates just smell of sulfur and evil... I'll take and research medical ADVICE all day.

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I'm really starting to think we got Kaganovich's family and the families of his co-conspirators. Apparently killing the orthodox and Ukrainians wasn't enough. She even says there is no God.

Look at her latest tweets, it's astrology bs on which vaccine to get if you're which star sign. And this:

I don't get it, why am I being attacked? I didnt even say anything radical. I consider myself a centrist. I have friends who want even more drastic measures, and I completely understand them despite leaning moderate. This is a common view among Americans. Most people I know agree

The commie cries out in pain as she strikes you.

You're not a moderate if you're a commie. Moderate =/= halfway between sanity and communism. There's a reason most independents lean Trump/R today.

If you're a far leftist and call yourself independent you're just a liar, to yourself and to everyone else.

I want to believe this moron is a troll, she checks all the fruitcake boxes so well I'm unsure.

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I-It's not a real jew!!!11111

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/pol/ assemble.

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Secular Jewish woman. NFT and Cryptocurrency trader. Palm reader. Left-leaning centrist. Freemason. Vegan. Any pronouns.


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Well, it's got to be fake (or at least delusional). Freemasonry isn't open to women. Sure, there's fremasonry-adjacent groups for women, but it's not it.

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Lol at that moronic bio. That's what delusion looks like.

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Exactly. Twitter is a massive trash heap sprinkled with porn.

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Obedient, gutless, virtue-signaling people detest us, the Disobedient, with a hatred that boils and seethes. They are so bitter right now they can taste themselves. Imagine the harm that does to a person's psyche, being constantly in that state. I hate them but I also pity them. They know not what they do to themselves.

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These weak fucks always want someone else to do this for them.

This cunt has an open invitation to come to my house with a syringe and needle and try to vaccinate anyone.

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How does it feel to want.

We want legitimate elections and political representation.

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This proves that mandating the vaccind is about submisison. its not about health. Theres a reason that they get so angry at conservatives/Trump supporters/right wingers that dont want the vaccine, while ignoring the fact that high rates of blacks and Hispanics(their pet groups) that have not gotten the vaccine. At the end of the day, these people cant stand those the mere existence of people that dont think like them, and so want to impose their will on us.

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Behind a key board is all talk with these people. If they had a loud speaker saying this they’d likely to get the shit kicked out of them.

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This tweet is being spammed by bots all over social media and we keep seeing screenshots of the same comment but by different bots.

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"I demand every man, woman and child be shot full of 'Dr. Trump's Olde Timey Magical FrankenJuice Elixir'!!! It needs to be coursing through every vein and invading every cell!!!"

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I mean...war crimes work both ways...

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I like to think there is a bright, dividing line between "war crime" and "response in kind."

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Trumpist... Trump pushed the vaxx, laughable retard.

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Bullet to the temple is all it takes.

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To be fair, I am a member of the “2nd Amendment Cult” because of their cult. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Same fantasy, only it's a generous injection of brass supplement.

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Just replace the word vax with rape

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Yeah, these sick fucks are wastong precious oxygen

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This is true evil and it lies in the heart of a lot of these liberal faggot turds

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Everyone throughout history that thought this way was ALWAYS on the side of evil.

I wonder if she's ignorant of history, or if she knows her history but is so full of self righteousness, she thinks she can defy history.

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If you take everything from us, we have nothing to lose. Read up on what people with nothing to lose will do.

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No idea who this is and don’t care. They don’t influence me. Idiots are a dime a dozen.

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vulcan hello for the goon squads!

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If you notice he/she/it/AI bot doesn’t say : “I want to torture children while their parents are forced to watch”

It is I want someone else to do it while I watch it happen from a safe distance remotely and feel gratification vicariously and voyeuristically.

Classic faggot bitch shit.

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I want to see those videos too, bc they won’t end the way this fag thinks.

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Hopefully Nemo will be dead soon from the vax

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Honestly, if there were video of this guy experiencing the same thing except at the end of a rifle, watching his last few moments while crying to his mom... I'd make that my daily morning video

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I'm sure Twitter shut down their account for violating tos, right?

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Who is this Nemo guy. Let him come forth and tell me person.

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Come on over Nemo, give it a try friend

Trumpdidit 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ironic, we just buried our cat named nemo, He was family oriented, and will be missed. Now this thing calling himself nemo, needs doxx, and found, so he can be displayed,for all to see.

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These are the words of a useless coward who can only wish defeat on her enemies. She has no power, and she knows it.

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i'd like to see them fucking try it.

ohnojoe 1 point ago +1 / -0

Let the bodies hit the floor.

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This communist has no power, unless you let his rambling words affect you. I do not

Taliesin 4 points ago +4 / -0

This sick communist accurately represents the mentality of those in power. Consider how the Jan6 prisoners are being falsely imprisoned and sadistically mistreated while these creepazoids cheer the state on.

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Time for a crusade.

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Whoa. This person sounds like they think the vaccine is an extension of xir’s dick and xir is having some serious rape fantasies. Gross.

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So many comments show this is not taken seriously. To be fair, it never is until it's far too late. These people are encouraged and enable what is coming.

It really isn't funny and it's really not far off.

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Let me say this in no uncertain terms, @unknemo, I will kill you if you tried.

Fucking hell, imagine saying this to a pregnant woman, that you're going to force her down and kill her child and still thinking you're the good guy. Same premise here.

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And they would do this if we weren't armed.

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Most of Twitter is a bot anyways

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Who cares. These people are fucking losers. Let them live their lonely lives and die in painful isolation

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Come near me and mine with that shot, you're gonna die. It's that simple.